How to Receive

On a birthday weekend such as this, I’ve been slammed with the idea of receiving an unearned gift – an actual factual GIFT, not an I-deserve-this box with a bow, but a true-blue You-Shouldn’t-Have. 
My wonderful neighbor and I have been talking about what sense of entitlement children seem to have, and it has shown a light on us (my own entitled being) and made me ask this question: How is it that I exemplify gift-receiving? 
Am I unknowingly presenting a works-based theology to my children by the way I receive gifts from God? Do I expect a big, fat present every time I do something right? I know that blessings come with obedience, but isn’t it wrong to say that we have earned them? 
How can we teach grace if our children think they deserve the world’s offerings of materials simply because they’ve existed beautifully? Do the poorest of poor not also exist beautifully? Do I point to God always for their beautiful existence and create an expectation that all gifts are owed to Him?


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