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A few nights ago as Seth was putting Ike to bed, Isaac begged to stay up a little longer.
“But I haven’t used all my energy yet!” 
“Son, yes you have. You’ve used a lot of energy.”
“No. I haven’t used my energy yet, Daddy; I’ve used all of your energy!”


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Reply August 4, 2008

True story. I laughed so hard that Isaac thought that gave him the green light to play some more. Then he started getting out of bed, and I had to tell him that he should save the rest of his energy for the morning. He reluctantly agreed.

Reply August 4, 2008

That is priceless. What kids say to get out of sleeping. Im looking forward to hearing what Noah will say.


Reply August 4, 2008

i LOVE that. i tell you Isaac Haines is one smart man.
aunt b

the hamster
Reply August 5, 2008

are you haines keeping a quote book? you best. this is golden.

Reply August 9, 2008

That's too funny! =) We love and miss you guys!
Carrie and Troy

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