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at the lake with the Robinson’s, Isaac braved the tube with Si

Jude’s 2nd birthday party – for the love of trucks

Gramp Camp at Sue Sue’s was a few days of invaluable time with an 88 year old grandma and the super cool Sue Sue and Daddy-o, who let the boys sleep in a tent, took them to see rattlesnakes, spent hours in craft time, and taught Isaac how to swim and Jude how to hold his breathe.

This is of an Isaac painting and another of Isaac flying over Ian.


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Reply August 6, 2008

i really really love ike's painting. and you a lot. and we have SO MUCH to talk about; we'll probably just scratch the surface like we did last time; it will satisfy the itch.

Auntie Shannon
Reply August 8, 2008

Did you upload these pictures differently? I was so excited to get on here at work and see that the corporate fellows who sit behind computers all day and ban websites for our office decided that these pictures are not inappropriate for my working eyes! (Sadly, every other picture on here has been traded for a small square with a red X in it... including the extremely offensive "run-a-muck" design at the top of the blog.) I bet it was Ike's painting... the innocence behind it stunned them temporarily. Won't be long though til they decide that a little too much skin is showing in the picture of you and Hootie in life jackets...

Note for future posts: Put more pictures of youngster paintings :)

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