Yesterday, I did a hand-stand for Melody and saw stars for several minutes. I also saw large armadillo yard-art on my way to dinner. I ate hamachi and drank from a twenty year old European bottle of the sweetest, loveliest grape juice that my gorgeous friend brought from Napa. The chef knew her, so he made me an assortment of birthday popsicles and wrote my name in chocolate on a plate. When I left the establishment,  with a little sexy trip over the carpet, I looked like Lucille Ball – so said Donn behind my back. Before I left, he also asked me if I got out much, but that’s only because I feel comfortable enough around him and Brooke that I don’t have to work so hard to wing it. A cop gave me my first ticket before I got home. The tag on our car had expired  a year and half ago. Now … that’s a birthday celebration to remember.
What else do I want for my birthday, you ask?
Anna Vandas and this song in particular: What Is
and this car:


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Reply August 9, 2008

you didn't tell me it was your birthday!!!!

the hamster
Reply August 11, 2008

hey, you know this rodent be loving the haley bonar. dang and double dang.

happy birthday yesterday, friend. bless you and bless you for being around and blessing us.

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