at the strangest times

Daddy, you know that big dog-food bag you gave me full of potatoes from the garden? We’re still eating on them. I just filled up my colander with them, washed them, and sat them to the side to dry. When I turned off the water, there was some Alabama in the bottom of my sink. I scraped it up and smeared it around with my hands, and I thought about where to put it before I carried on with cooking dinner. When I threw it in the trash, I was just cleaning up, but it still hurt my feelings a little bit.


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Reply August 13, 2008

This is a good sign that I am an overly-sentimental person. Toughen up, girl!

the hamster
Reply August 13, 2008

amazing images here. being a country boy myself, i know this moment, saw it happen and washed it down the drain. you've got big pictures in a small amount of words here. i can see this and, dare i say, feel this. this is more than "over-sentimentality" - this is a photograph worth framing. there's good stuff in you begging to come out. keep the poems flowing, my friend.

Reply August 13, 2008

the word colander now sounds to me like a southern word after that first sentence. i think this is awesome!

The Baker
Reply August 13, 2008


Reply August 13, 2008

boo hoo! i want you to hug your daddy right now!!! can take the girl out of Alabama...but you can't take Alabama out of the girl! right on!
you're the best person i know amber haines!!

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