These girlfriends are ugly on the outside compared to the gorgeous fire they keep burning inside. They blessed me last night with an amazing night out.

other happinesses:
My clown
My pre-schooler’s sweet smile after his receiving a note in the mail from his teacher.
the mini-Seth that melts me
a special pen
the band-aid-makes-it-better stage of life
back-door neighbor’s weeping willow
favorite new cookies
have I mentioned this?

birthday books
Also, a friend called my poem twisted on Common Guild. Now, that’s Happy.
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Reply August 15, 2008

Those were the strangest water glasses on the table.

Reply August 15, 2008

beautiful kids. thanks for sharing your happies.

Craig and Cindy
Reply August 16, 2008

Girls night out = super fun! New books for birthday = too awesome!


Reply August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber!!! Just checking in and seeing what's going in your world :-)
Love, Alicia

Reply August 20, 2008

Well, if this was 29, can you even begin to imagine 30 honey? I loved our gathering over sweet little you. P.S. Cool pen. P.S.S. See you Friday night?!

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