a thousand ears

Do you know Rumi? To the two of you who will actually listen to this entirely, if when you hear it, tears eek out, and if afterward, your mouth relaxes shut in a smile, and you didn’t think I am weirder than all the housewives of the world combined, then would you come to my house? Would you knock on my door and sit outside with me? I want to hold your hands.


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Reply August 18, 2008

i love it when books have bits of poetry before each chapter:

"Where should this music be? i' the air, or the earth?"
--The Tempest

"--I was all ear,
And took in strains that might create a soul
Under the ribs of death."

Reply August 18, 2008

so, i guess i'm a freak b.c it kind of creeped me out...i couldn't finish it...sorry. BUT i would come and sit with you awhile and hold your hands on the front porch watching the sunset....or something like that.

Reply August 19, 2008

Here's the deal, pickles.

I didn't even know what a first down was until I married Seth. I'm from a family who sits on the front porch and sings 4 part harmony out of hymnals. I was bred for oddness. Thank you, Mama - and I'm serious.

Kara, you are not a freak. Rumi was an amazing poet, and I LOVE to hear poetry.

The good stuff is at the end. I could watch this over and over. People are strange, and I am admittedly chief of all freaks, but yesterday, one of my bffs explained to me how as a child she would pull the bag worms out of their gross little licked-up leaf bags. Some people just make you feel at home, you know?

Reply August 20, 2008

feel the beauty of your separation...ponder that one for a while.

the unsay able absence

Reply August 20, 2008

Colin, you're my brother.

Reply September 5, 2008

powerful...funny...left me pondering,wondering and silent

but if I sit on your porch, I'd like to sing!

Reply January 9, 2009

I should sell my tongue and buy a thousand ears. . .

I'll be right over!

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