Have I mentioned in a while that we really want to sell our house asap? For about three weeks, we haven’t even had a phone call about it, so we called a realtor and planned to sign the papers yesterday to join his agency in a sort of marriage. Strangely, though, we have received around seven phone calls about our home in the last three days, so we haven’t called the realtor back. One call was from my girlfriend, Mary, who works for KFSM, and she wanted to interview me and get my house’s pretty little face on the tv screen. Wahoo! She gave me about thirty minutes to clean my entire house, wrangle my boys, and unslick my nasty ponytail into something presentable. I shoved everything in my dishwasher, slathered on some lipgloss, called a friend to play with the boys, and Viola, I had a camera man in my yard, and Mary was working her charm. On the telly, I did look a little snooty and much older than I realized, but hopefully the house out-shined all that. 
After the interview, another sweet lady called and set up a time to view the house this morning. I liked her a lot, and she seemed to like the house. 
So are you praying yet? Please do pray for a buyer, and pray for my relationship with my children during all this, too. I suspect they think we’re moving into a trash can when we leave here because of the Grouch that creeps out of me while I’m cleaning and they’re emptying every basket and drawer in the house. I had to apologize to Jude this morning for freaking out toward him when he was only acting his age. Shewt again.
Oh, and remember that if you refer a buyer, we’re buying you an iPod of your choice for Christmas. Cool beans way to sell a house, huh?


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The Baker
Reply August 26, 2008

mary seemed really nice when i met her. i hope this leads to something good. we are thinking about you.

Autumn N. Brown
Reply August 26, 2008

Love the ipod idea. We have offered during open houses (our house had it's one year birthday on the market Aug. 8th - DEAR LORD SELL OUR HOUSE) a 50" plasma screen TV. Nothin' yet. Well other than this couple who I think has asked us to all but pay their morgage payments. Good Luck. I spend so much time praying the praise prayers in "The Prayer That Changes Everthing" that sometimes I feel as if I like this time of my life. Will keep the sell of your house in my prayers.

Reply August 27, 2008

Amber you silly goose, you didn't look snotty or old on tv. You did a great job!

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