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The two men on the right are my uncles. They have really hairy chests. One of them worked with Buford Pusser, and the other one can tell you who his great, great, great half-aunt twice-removed is. My daddy is the one on the left. He is 6 feet and 6 inches tall. He can kick your daddy’s rear end. This is Thanksgiving, 1987. I was eight and probably wearing a velvet sweat-shirt. I had bangs and sixteen first cousins. These were the days of screen doors, wood heaters, and messages written in driveway-dust on windshields. 
When it was over, pine thickets and barn lofts, I didn’t know it. I just ran up out of the woods with it always behind me, and I’ve been running and running since. 


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Los Cazadores
Reply September 17, 2008

Can I please go "home" with you to Alabama sometime? Man, I would really like to experience the beautiful little town you grew up in with some country home Alabama cookin'. I am a stellar dish-washer (just ask Craig) and I won't go without bringing your Mom flowers....



the hamster
Reply September 17, 2008

when you write stuff like this, it makes me not want to do my homework. i just want to go and walk and then twiddle my pen on the page.

screen doors are nice.

Reply September 17, 2008

6'3", 220 lbs.

Bring. It. On.

Big daddy country-ass throw down.

Reply September 17, 2008

My daddy's made of bottom land and saw briar, skilled with a pocket knife, and tempered like a yellow jacket.

Georgia ain't got nothing.

Meet us on Sand mountain. Winner gets the sorghum.

Reply September 17, 2008

Cindy, this particular "home" is actually Tennessee, where my daddy's family is. One day you'll have to do the Southern Tour with us - my fam is TN and AL and Seth's in LA. It's so many many pot holes away from here, and I can't wait to bottom-out there again.

The Baker
Reply September 17, 2008

keep walking tall my dear, and get your arse back over to the reading room. i'm volumes ahead.

Reply September 17, 2008

Sigh. My daddy is 5'6". He would lose. Unless this were a stare-down. What he lacks in stature, however, he makes up for with intense glaring.

Btw, Cindy. I've been to her small town in Alabama. It. Is. A Balm. And her daddy tells the greatest stories. An obvious influence to Amber's writing soul.

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