Alabama Happies

Ethan and Ian
early birthday party

my brother’s hood ornament

my brother teaching Isaac how to make little pooty noises
Here is a freaky sign for the upcoming Judgement House where several young people will be shown Hell and have the poowaddle scared out of them. How about a show of people burning in eternity to deliver the Gospel message? Christians are so strange.
view from the mountain
corn field in a drought
cotton cotton cotton
laughing with BawBaw

Been a while, huh? I think I’ll try to start doing this bloggy thing more diligently because, really, I can’t stop thinking about you. I went to Alabama last week – on a whim (a wild hair) as I do. I took all three boys by myself in the mini-van, and I drove home and promptly delivered the stomach virus to my family. It was awesome. 
No, really, it was.
Every time I go, I think that was my best trip yet, and it was this time, too, pukes and all. 


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Reply October 3, 2008

Hey friend! Well, I totally neglected my blog (and everyone else's) for nearly 3 months, so I unashamedly felt relieved that you haven't been blogging every day either. I have to confess that it was delicious to come visit your blog for the first time in way too long and get my "run-a-muck fix." Your writing always inspires me and gives my senses a good morning stretch. I know we are both so busy and overcommitted right now, but I'd love to get together if there is any way we could do it. Sneak off for coffee after we put our kids to bed? Oh, I forgot your a morning person...a 5am morning person. Eeks!

Reply October 5, 2008

FUN! This makes me so happy!
i miss you so much.

Reply October 9, 2008

Don't you just love the cotton fields when they're all bursting in white? I think it's the only thing I enjoy about driving across northeast AR. Except the fact that at the end of the drive family awaits :)

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