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Brooke tagged me for Seven Random things. Here goes:
1. I have strange taste, but I try hard to be normal for Seth’s sake. I want to be one of those girls who wears red earrings, a yellow shirt, and orange high-heels.  I prefer a super short haircut on myself, but I worry it makes my hips look big. I wish I had a hat for every day of the week. I have always had this rebellious longing to make people talk about me behind my back: “Do you see what she’s wearing?” It’s a defense mechanism to go ahead and control what people talk about than to just let them nitpick on their own accord. When I wear bright red lipstick, I have to evaluate myself. I can even wear lipstick out of fear. 
2. My new favorite thing (and Seth’s, too) is red lipstick. 
3. All I’ve ever wanted is to be a Grandma. Even as a child, I didn’t imagine having a husband or children. I just thought I would grow up to be old and have grandchildren like my Mamaw did. 
4. I started a diary when I was in third grade. In it, I bragged that I had a boyfriend with a mustache. 
5. I realize how weird it is to believe in Jesus and that Christians don’t make very much sense to non-believers, especially when they get all fussy, but I do really, really believe (like some tribal leader atop a mountain) that a sacrifice appeases my God, but He is not a God with smoke snarling from His nostrils. I believe He has favor on His son, that He loved us so much that He provides the way for us to Him. In the invisible world, I am perpetually shining, a shadowless clean. And that sacrifice? He didn’t stay dead. Not a spot of true Christianity is without redemption. 
6. It crept up a few days ago. I want to finish my MFA in Poetry — hard core. When I was in Alabama, Mama had a dream about the book I would publish. She told me what it would be about.  I’m going to write it. We aren’t the dreaming or prophesying sort, or we don’t usually confess to be. It was such a strange trip. 
Update!: I just realized that I only wrote 6 weird facts. 7. I reread my blog several times after writing it. Sometimes, it takes me hours to see some pretty big mistakes. If you watch carefully (please don’t) you’ll see my blog get better as the day wears on.

Now I tag Nicole, Cindy, Melody, Sarah, and Mandy.
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Reply October 6, 2008

Oh!! I miss you. I forget how alike (and how wonderfully different) we are until I read things like "I prefer a super short haircut on myself but worry it makes my hips look big." I worry the same thing! And I want to be one of those French cafe-looking girls with red grandma skirts, small sweaters and colored fishnets (and yellow heels or spindly grandma boots).

And while I've never wanted to be a grandma, I woke up yesterday thinking just this thought: "how weird is it to believe in Jesus!" And yet, how can we not? I have the hardest time verbalizing our need for Him, but I FEEL that need desperately.

I believe you will finish both your MFA and your book. If you'll let me, I'll be your long-distance accountability partner. It will be just like essay-writing class, except for those few miles and couple a mountains in bewteen.

Reply October 6, 2008

This: "In the invisible world, I am perpetually shining, a shadowless clean" is really nice. Glad you're writing more often!

Los Cazadores
Reply October 7, 2008

I did your tag and I raise you 10. :) I started a diary when I was around 3rd grade too, but don't know what the heck happened to it....!


Los Cazadores
Reply October 7, 2008

I went back and fixed my spelling of "belle"....apparently, I am dumb northerner who does not know how to spell it right!!!



the hamster
Reply October 8, 2008

i experimented with blue and black nail polish in college. matthew doom pulled it off way better than i did; still, i loved seeing the looks on the religion majors faces when i walked into old testament minor prophets class with black nails. we can't all be punk rock, but we can try.

here's to bright red lips and orange heels. you can do it!

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