my hero power? frying. my weakness? okra.

Last night I totally failed at fried okra. My southern pride is crushed. I mean I’m hurting on the inside, y’all. I made it for Seth. I thought he would walk in the door and see me all hot over that stove top, oil popping everywhere, and be like – whoa she’s amazing, but you know what? He didn’t feel good, not hungry at all, so I made that whole bunch of awful fried okra just for myself, and I choked it down, too. My aunt Josie sent it home with me from Tennessee, and it just seemed wrong to not hurry about cutting it up and figuring out how to fry it. And don’t misunderstand. I know how to fry chicken and squash. Let me not mess around putting off airs that I can’t outcook your grandma at fried squash. What happened to my okra? I mean seriously, I need answers here.
The night was redeemed though. I know that most of you watch Dancing with the Stars, and that’s a shame, I tell you.  Heroes, no kidding peoples, this is the best show since X-Files, and if you didn’t watch X-Files, or if you did and didn’t like it, please don’t tell me about it. I mean, my feelings are already hurting so badly about that okra.
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Reply October 7, 2008

I know what you mean. I burned my last batch of fried okra that my Memom had even pre-battered for me. I felt like a disgrace to the South.

Reply October 7, 2008

Mmm, fried okra. I would have eaten it all for you.

Allison Nelson
Reply October 7, 2008

I set off the fire alarm when I make fried okra. I have resorted to the frozen fried okra b/c it turns out better for me. When I make my own (bread it, etc...) the batter crumbles.

Reply October 7, 2008

Fox Mulder was the best thing about the X-files. Not sure who could compare on Heroes. We do love that show at the Barber house too. Did you use cornmeal batter? I'm no expert at the frying thing. Sorry. Glad you're blogging again.

Reply October 7, 2008

so you could try fried squash?!?

the hamster
Reply October 8, 2008

i haven't had properly fried chicken in ages. and i love the stuff. i avoided chain fried chicken because it doesn't come close to the real thing - like my aunt faye used to make.

Reply October 8, 2008

one word...tivo. then you can watch both dancing with the stars and hero (smile, wink)


Reply October 9, 2008

Amber, so glad to see you back! I have the same trouble with fried okra when I batter it myself (although there's no okra here in Bolivia, so you should see the amount I eat when I'm home on furlough :) but my cousin's wife made some amazing okra last time we were home and I saw her batter it differently than I had ever seen. She mixes her flour, salt, and pepper and then puts her okra (make sure it's good and dry, not sticky, so don't rinse it after it's cut) in a colander. She then sprinkles the flour mixture over the okra and because it's in the colander she can shake off the excess flour mixture and she's left with perfectly battered okra... fry it slow and steady and it came out amazing. When there's not time though, the frozen stuff turns out pretty good too... wish I had been there to polish it off with you, burned, stringy or otherwise, I could have help you put the hurt on that okra :)

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