God’s grandeur and the fungus

Please forgive my whiny last post. Good grief!
Today the boys and I worked to clean up the front flower beds, and as I was digging, I discovered what I thought was a ball beneath our ferns. I scooted the white ball toward me and noticed it had a loose skin, so I thought it was an egg, but then I noticed it had two sort of roots. I shoved at it with the spade, and when I poked, it oozed a yellow fluid. I have just discovered an alien, I thought.
What better to do with an alien but to dissect it?! I spaded it in half, and Gorgeous, it was a layering of different creamy colors and textures – a fungus. The center cell was a marquise pearl. All was shiny. The top layer of skin uncloaked and turned purple before my eyes. Another inner layer was the green of mold, in fact, and looked the perfect consistency of a creamy powder-based eye-shadow. Oh, how I wanted to dip my fingers in
but rather, I bagged up all the yard trash and went in to search the internet about my alien, and I found NOTHING. I became so obsessed with the fungus that I dumped my whole bag of dead summer flowers and roots all out in the garage, and out it rolled, all covered in dirt.
Its draped coat was a deeper violet, it’s pearl had turned a hard foam, and the green had risen like yeast in bread, but nothing of that shining first bursting ooze remained. I had asked to enjoy the little things today, but I never expected to be occupied by such a grand and lowly thing.


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Reply October 17, 2008

You're awesome and I love you.

Reply October 18, 2008

no i will not forgive the you for your last post because you do not need to apologize. i love how you love life and identify with the loathing. thanks for sharing both with us.

Reply October 18, 2008

one of my favorite things in the universe to do is dissect. that's the beauty of YOU...you always find the significant wonders of each person and object and you bring it to life.
you make us feel alive as you discover Gods glory.

Reply October 19, 2008

"...such a grand and lowly thing." Annie Dillard would be proud.

Reply October 20, 2008

Whoa, Sus!

I love y'all.

Reply October 25, 2008

i just linked to your blog from the fannin blog. i loved reading your blog. it is so clever and funny, also very poignant (whatever that means). anyway, i loved reading about you and the boys. it was a real treat. you have a gift.
love to you
ann myers

Reply November 11, 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog already!! (I type selfishly, as if you have nothing else to do.)

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