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Okay, so I’m trying to have some sticktoitiveness about being a mother and not a computer-aholic, and low and behold, it works. I’m still a mother.
Let’s see … 
I have tons of amazing pics on my camera, but the camera cord is probably stuffed in one of those holes in the couch beneath the couch cushion or behind a drawer in some cabinet. 
What do you do with rotten pumpkins? I was just wondering if anybody knew. Man, I don’t want to smell those things.
And what about Thanksgiving? It’s already Christmas everywhere. Baaahh! 
Seth and I will have been married for 9 years tomorrow. I am not amazed about that – because he is truly good and he gets better looking the older we get, and I thought he started off looking pretty dang nice. 
Speaking of Seth, he had a pokey-outy hernia operation last Friday. I got to baby him and listen to other sick people through curtains. I loved that part.
I also love the study of human evolution. Isn’t that so weird? I’m a Christian and a believer in the Creator and creationism and all that stuff you’d figure, but when it comes to science, I would listen all day long about australopithicus (sp?) and homo erectus. It’s interesting, and I think it’s cool how we can’t explain everything no matter how hard we try.
Ian can walk really well now, and he can say “thank you.”
I took Communion with my daddy-o on Sunday, and it was so good, how he prayed. Men are good, much to this world’s dismay. They are not bad, or they’re just as wonderful as any other biped, and I thank God for the ones in my life. 


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los cazadores
Reply November 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!! now! In case I forget tomorrow...


Reply November 12, 2008

So good to hear from you on your blog again! And so glad to know that you're always a mommy first :) Happy Anniversary to you and Seth!

Reply November 12, 2008

"homo erectus"
those words are funny on so many levels - mostly the jr. high level.

the hamster
Reply November 13, 2008

here's a nickel and some change for these thoughts:

1) congrats on the happy anniversary. that's nice.

2) yes, please find the camera cord. i'm stoked to see some mid-october pics.

3) i'm proud of all your internetlessness and all your maternalfulnesses.

4) ian is awesome. and i've been practicing my light sabering for the next time jude bum-rushes me.

5) thank you for referring to men as bipeds. that may have been too lofty a compliment. we do tend to wallow some.

6) i agree with nester: it's impossible to say "homo erectus" without chortling and snorting with your top front teeth hanging out all prepubescent and goofy. i laughed instantly when i saw it in your post.

7) did i mention that i now, as of yesterday, own MEAN GIRLS on dvd? holy smokes - i am stoked.

Reply November 13, 2008

Seriouly! Doesn't "homo erectus" just make you want to learn about it? Like I said - it's interesting.

I still laugh when people talk about the little snacks called "ding-dongs." Who thought of that one?

And by the way, this post is totally the edited version. I misspelled like ten words in it originally and made fun of a preacher. That's what happens when tired mothers write while in an immature mood. I am very often immature and ill-equipped for being in public, which doesn't suit a blogger very well.

the hamster
Reply November 13, 2008

- very often immature
- ill-equipped for being in public

these should be requirements for blogging. or, at least, for good blogging. dignified behavior can take a barefoot stomp on a flaming bag of homo-erectus ding-dong dung for all i care.

bring on the good stuff!

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