we moved to an igloo

Hello, Blogworld. I miss you. I love you.
We moved to a new little itty bitty house – our Love Shack from the college days. We’ll live here while we renovate Grandma’s old rock house. 
I can see my breath. I can’t feel my toes. Ice lines the windows of the laundry room, which is also our bedroom, and also a place to use the microwave.
Send hot stuff and things made with sheep fur. We’ve become a more snuggly people – and snuggly is happy – unless you’re Seth and your wife won’t keep her freaking feet out from behind your knees. 
May your pipes not freeze, and may good Christmas movies or music play in your background. May you have many small moments when God’s goodness overwhelms you. If you stopped believing, may you consider it again. May you say it aloud: God is good – even in an igloo (even in MZ, even in Ethiopia) – God is good. Even in a manger – He shines. 
Peace be with you
and also with me. 


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Reply December 22, 2008

Glad to have you back old friend! I have good memories of playing x-box football with Seth in that house!

Reply December 22, 2008

It was so good to see new words from you :) Hope that you warm up soon and that your family has some wonderful times of closeness (literally it sounds) during the holidays! God bless you and your boys!

Reply December 22, 2008

you are just precious. thanks for the reminder...he truly is good.

los cazadores
Reply December 23, 2008

Amber, may you guys have a blessed and magical Christmas. Love to have you back in the blog world...miss coming here and reading your beautiful words.


Reply December 23, 2008

we've missed you too!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience
Reply December 23, 2008

Sending hot stuff.
A long hug.
Stay warm with that man of yours.
The manger stable has lots of straw.
Snuggle in.

I send much love too...
Merry, Merry Christmas...

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