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When we had suspicions that we were to downsize, we didn’t exactly expect to move to a home 1/3 the size of ours. Then Grandmom decided she wanted to sell the family home-place and friends asked if they could rent our big house. It all fell so beautifully into place that we knew the right thing was to buy from Grandma, move to the Little House, and renovate the slightly bigger Rock House.
We’ve lived here before – all wood paneling, 30 year-old carpet, stained linoleum, birds flying from the attic into the one and only clothes closet. Often, we walked in our sock-feet up to Grandma’s for icecream or a tuna sandwich. Often, Grandpa would walk in unannounced, and we would pretend to be taking naps. 
Once I sat at my desk and winged termites poured in like angels on Armageddon. Once I ran down the road here in a pair of poodle flannels after one of the horses. Once I saw a badger here the size of a mutant cow. There has always been a hawk here, and she likes to cry.
This is the Love Shack from our college days, and we made two babies here before we were so crammed up that we spilled full-girth into another house across town. It was twice as big. We made another baby there and thought we would try an even bigger house on for size, and after a year of granite and actual non-kin neighbors (dirt roads have kept me pretty neighborless), we found ourselves in an amazing house that wasn’t home.
There is something beautiful about scratch. It feels like the prettiest thing we’ve ever done to spiff up the shack and sleep in the laundry room. Making do is choosing to be simple, doing with what you’ve got – 
a bed and a microwave in the laundry room,
a pair of gloves for the dishes,
a favorite bookshelf with a curtain in it for the pantry and appliance storage.
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Reply January 12, 2009

Amber I so appreciate all that God is doing in your lives' to remind us and you all what is truly important in this life. I think after our time here in Bolivia I understand even better the difference between need and want. Bolivians know how to truly use a physical item until there is no use left :) no buying used here :) But it's taught me the real value in using what we have and being content! God bless you and your precious home... what memories your boys will have of the values their parents are instilling in them!

Reply January 12, 2009

Beautiful post! There is something so satisfying in making-do. Well, at least once you decide you'll be satisfied. LOL.

I'm enjoying your blog.

Reply January 12, 2009

You inspire me :) I get really tired of making do. Example: Right now our bed is kinda of in the kitchen, while we wait for someone to rip out the moldy carpet in the bedroom... Thanks for your words of wisdom~

Reply January 12, 2009

I loved this post. I live in a really nice sized house and have extra rooms - my husband wants a larger house. I want smaller. I'd like to have him read your story. I'd like to make do.


Reply January 12, 2009

yeah! thanks for this made me appreciate our perfect little house i love even more.

Reply January 12, 2009

Oh my goodness Amber. That place looks great! You are really making do :) Miss you. I would like to see the other rooms.

Reply January 12, 2009

i dig the black and white check and green in the kitchen - fun!

Ann Kroeker
Reply January 12, 2009

Oh, what fun to walk with you through the Love Shack with pix! Great idea, and it shows how your whole life right now is about making-do. Wonderful--I had fun on the tour! Thanks for participating in Make-Do Mondays!

Reply January 13, 2009

I now feel guilty for complaining about my "craft room" being too small, isn't it amazing how God can use others to give us a much needed reality check

Reply January 13, 2009

I think making do knocks the need for organization up about ten notches.

Reply January 13, 2009

Amber your love shack looks great!!!! Thanks for lending us your big house! :)

Reply January 13, 2009

What a cool perspective you have! Your little Love Shack is precious, as are your boys... (psst., this is Elijah's mom from school)

It's supposed to be ridiculously cold this week, so the offer still stands if you and the boys would like to come over and snuggle, woops I mean, play to keep warm.

I'm glad to know you!


Meredith from Merchant Ships
Reply January 24, 2009

Looks like a challenge!

Glad to find your blog through Ann's...and look forward to meeting you at Blissdom! Please say hi if I don't spot you first, okay?

Meredith from Merchant Ships’s last blog post..A Hotel Clean Bath At Home

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