Happy Things Thursday (eer, Wednesday)

Hooty-Mac and Ikeroni, two of my three yummy little buddies

I know it’s not Thursday, but
look at one of the pretty horses in our yard (she’s a whiskery throat-clearer), 

and look at me here swinging from a vine (I was proudly able to jump about 6 inches off the ground),
and look at one of the pics from inside this barn. 
Sunday we went on a family walk to explore the barns and some open field around our house. It was cold, and we could hear tribes of dogs barking and carrying on at us. We felt so far from the world, and it was happy.
Tomorrow, I have another Happy to share. I’m actually going to want you to go somewhere with me. I’m moving, and I’m having a Moving Party, and you’ve got to come. Most of my boxes are packed, but there is no way for me bring the most crucial things if you don’t help me. 
Visit me tomorrow evening, and we can ride through air together. I’ve got a job for some of you, and I’m hoping one of you will be richly rewarded with a Shparkly, Happy, Happy thing.


Wait. Wait. One more thing. Do not forget about Friday. Friday we giggle. Remember? Mr. Linky’s going to hook us up. If the Funnies can be at my house, then I know they’re at yours, too.
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Reply January 14, 2009

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Sue Sue
Reply January 17, 2009

Amber, you look about sixteen. How do you do it? You're one fabulous woman!

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