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Everything funny that happened this week has been a touch crude, but since there is this pretty little button and all, I simply must post. 

Seth and I wake early to have our Quiet Times, and if we’re lucky, Jude won’t wake up until 5:45 AM. That is Not funny. One morning this week, Jude slapped his flat feet down the kitchen toward us and leapt to the side of our bed. He climbed up using his elbows, with one thumb in his mouth and and one thumb holding a blanky. 

We were about to pray together, but overwhelmed by his cuteness, invited him to snuzzle first. Leaning in, Seth said, “Jude, can daddy pray for you this morning?” and then he mumbled “sorry my breath might smell.”

Jude darted his precious little eyes up to his daddy’s, leaned back with a cocked eyebrow, and charged, “Horse PooPoo!” 


I have one question before I tell you this Funny. How long has it been since Easter? Let’s see – It’s January. Nine months? How is it then that I found two strands of plastic Easter basket grass in Ian’s diaper? My imagination might kill me on this one.


Update – I finally remember the other one: My boys are obsessed with tampons. Obsessed. They are constantly finding them, bringing them to me, and asking to “please have some candy.” Jude often asks for caffeine because it is the forbidden drink, so now they ask for tampons as the forbidden treat. 

It reminds me of this vivid memory I have of writing all my classmates letters on pink Hello Kitty paper and using some cool, purple plastic envelopes I found in Mama’s things in the bathroom. I passed out notes in pad wrappers to all my classmates, and what’s worse? I remember it!

Another Update:
I broke up with Mr. Linky. I don’t think he likes my new place. Leave me a comment that you’ve posted your funnies, and I’ll manually add your link to this post so you can get lots of blog action. Use the code in the sidebar to add the Friday Funnies button and link back here so others can get in on all the fun.

I’m in high-five position. Don’t leave me a hangin’ …

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Reply January 16, 2009

Yipee, I heart Friday Funnies. I never have anything to contribute to Shannon's WFMW, because apparently very little "works for me". But funny stuff? My kids see to it that I get plenty o' that!
Just posted our funny stuff here:

Reply January 16, 2009

this site looks great. congrats, my friend.

Reply January 16, 2009

Your post made me crack up! I needed that laugh today. I added my own funnies for the day.....

Reply January 16, 2009

I did something I thought was pretty darn funny yesterday, but trust me, you do NOT want me to post about it. It's not farting either, lest you immediately jump to flatuent conclusions.

Umm, so this morning Craig and I were listening to NPR and a really dreery, economicdoomsday speech by A.Schwarzy, gov of CA, was being played. Right afterwards I said [in my best Schwarzy voice] "I'll be back." And Craig giggled. I like it when he giggles.

Blue Castle
Reply January 16, 2009

I had something funny to share, but it was just a little too crude. I guess that's what happens when you have little boys. Lots of funny family-only moments. :)

Here's the best I could do as I didn't totally want to miss out on today's FF:

You made me laugh today, so thank you. Hope you figure out where the easter grass is coming from. :) I'll never forget when I bought my first purse. I was at the fair with my Grandparents. I was about 11 or so and I was so proud of my new purchase. My grandma handed me this plastic wrapped thing and told me it was to put in my purse. When I asked what it was, she replied "A big bandaid". All this right in front of my grandpa. I was mortified. She'd just given me my first maxi pad.

Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light
Reply January 16, 2009

Do you know that just last week, I found a few pieces of GREEN GLITTER in Greer's diaper! I remembered that Lucy had been crafting some beautiful masterpiece with the glitter while enjoying an ENTIRE carton of strawberries. She had been dragging the glitter over the strawberries and they were COATED in the stuff. Greer was wanting a strawberry so, I figured it was safe to just wash a couple off and give them to her. Couple of days later, I got the greatest SURPRISE!

Poop that SPARKLES!!!

Love your funny stuff....I'll have to participate sometime soon...

Ann Kroeker
Reply January 16, 2009

Mr. Linky and I are in a fragile relationship. He's made it so that I can only use the wimpy version that doesn't offer search-engine-friendly linkage. And I try to be as generous as possible with linkage, because it's helpful and fun and keeps the blogosphere lively. So I wish Mr. Linky would cozy up with WordPress and then we could all work together as a team and the world would be a better place.

Anyway, nothing very funny has been said around here. Today is cleaning day, and the kids are kind of grumpy. But I'm going to have to keep my journal open to hold onto the funnies.

I just posted your carnival link at the bottom of Food on Fridays, so people can poke around and laugh with you and your family's antics!

    Reply January 16, 2009

    Thanks for the linkage, ANN. Surely we can find some other plug in for this conundrum.

Reply January 16, 2009

Fun stuff! I followed your link from a friend and decided I had my own contribution to offer up:

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