how appropriate

This morning has been beautiful. The sun is white on the tin-topped barns. I hear crows. The boys are playing outside with their good daddy, who made us a custardy orange bread pudding this morning sprinkled with powdered sugar. dsc_00941

The wind is whistling into the crevices of this old house, and can I say it again? I feel at home – blessed at home. 

After breakfast we pulled out the mixer (which takes up half the kitchen), and we added the names of my friends who changed their bloglines for me,  and we honestly turned the mixer on to insure maximum randomness at the draw.dsc_0128

Look who won that rockin’ pair of COPPER earrings!


Check out Susan at Copper to Gold! I totally dig her. 


The boys just ran inside in a frantic. Jude had jumped into the little fish pond that was frozen just yesterday. Something tells me this isn’t the first time that’s going to happen.

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Jane Anne
Reply January 17, 2009

Oh, that is appropriate! Congrats Susan. Thanks for the chance to win, Amber.

Susan R
Reply January 17, 2009

Well Amber my friend... and I DO consider you that... I am so stinkin excited I can hardly stand it!!! Thank you thank you thank you sooooo very much for the chance to win the earrings... and so totally appropriate in so many ways.
I love ya girl! Not just because of the earrings but because you are YOU and I treasure the chance to get to know you and your family better over the months and years.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Reply January 18, 2009

Ohhh your new site is beauuuutiful! I used watercolors quite often. Perhaps sometime I should scan my pieces for you two ;)

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