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1415820937_l1. Samuel (you know the Bible character from the books of Samuel?), he heard God speak, and he was just a little boy.

2. After the Pharisees seriously debate who would inherit the kingdom of God, Jesus (who is so cool) pointed to the children, and he said “the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

3. It is aerodynamically impossible for a bumble bee to fly. All the books will tell you that, but bumble bees can’t read, so they fly anyway.

4. Children (the greek word for “babies,” to be exact) don’t know much, but they know they’re needy, and they’ll cry out in it. They take what they’re given. They trust completely, and they expect followthrough with eagerness and excitement.

5. The Kingdom of God is at hand, available right now, and it is to be found in child-like faith in the Father, not just in His omnipresence, but also in His manifest presence, the one that is right there – with you in a Mama sling.

I went in to hear Priscilla Shirer speak (on video) for the first time today, and I have to admit that I went because, well, today is the day that Bible Study starts. I had bought my book a while back and hadn’t even opened it. I had thrown it in the van so I wouldn’t forget it when the day came. When my eyes did accidentally skim the title, I would think, “Oh good. I’m going to learn how to hear from God. That’ll be nice.”

Going to Bible Study in this stage of life is like learning to juggle and drive a stick-shift all at once. I mean, really? Where’s my unicycle? It seems, too, that when kids wear floofy coats, they are ten times harder to handle, especially with the material at their ears that makes such swishy sounds. I am a pack mule, and they load me up and then ignore me.

I had never been so heavy as I was today. One of my friends called me “transparent.” And after hearing this sweet, sweet lesson, I didn’t feel so bad for my loss of dignity.

Mrs. Shirer told of an experience she had during a worship service, when a teenage girl named Ryan caught her attention. Ryan was worshipping the LORD like a fool. I mean, she was waving her ams in the air, jumping, and clapping – being a spectacle to all the refined godly women singing there. At closer look, she saw that there was something different about that girl. Ryan was autistic, a two year old in that grown body. 

Mrs. Shirer asked who was better off. Those dignified women? or the girl whose heart gushed in love for her daddy? 

The idea of trading in my dignity for a child-like faith rocked this Southern girl hard. Since this morning, I’ve been resisting the urge to gently pat the mascara river on my cheeks. Today I’ve been messy, and I need a bib and a bottle, then a big spanking and for someone to send me to bed. In the morning He’ll have new mercies, and tomorrow, I’ll wake faster for those than I will for the coffee, and maybe that’s a step in the right direction.

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Blue Castle
Reply January 20, 2009

I love this:

"Today I’ve been messy, and I need a bib and a bottle, then a big spanking and for someone to send me to bed. In the morning He’ll have new mercies, and tomorrow, I’ll wake faster for those than I will for the coffee, and maybe that’s a step in the right direction."

There are so many times I feel exactly like this. Beautifully put. Thank you.

Blue Castle’s last blog post..Decoupaged Barn Star

Reply January 20, 2009

all i could say to our Daddy today was "come hold me." i'm in the sling, too, with drool everyhwere.

i think winter without Christmas is a big, sad time.

melody’s last blog post..again, new

Reply January 20, 2009

This is the day
This is the day
This is the day
that the Lord has made
that the Lord has made
Let us rejoice
Let us rejoice
and be glad in it
and be glad in it.

Susan R
Reply January 21, 2009

A mess at times??? YES!!! Thank goodness for His unconditional love!
I'll take undignified every time!

Susan R’s last blog post..That’s Our Harley!

Reply January 21, 2009

I relate to so much of this--the stick shift juggling, the floofy coats, the ignored and heavy pack mule. I nod my head as I read. It's not easy to hear God in the everyday, where there are noisy messy breakfast tables and shouting matches, and tears and tugs. Today, I want to emerge out from under the smothering blanket of the daily noise to hear His daily mercies.

Reply January 30, 2009

This is a fantastic post, Amber. Thank you.

Rachel’s last blog post..Reading Your Bible Every Day and Scripture Memorization

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