The Best News EVER: Our friends, they have a blog. Cindy writes it, and it’s amazing, and it needs to be on your reader. They got their adoption referral!!!! If I could express the delight … Oh I am a gushy mess. Read about the news of their coming, most beautiful, brown-eyed boy who is Oliver and very, very loved.


my favorite painting, which happens to be a nudey painting that just isn’t dirty to me





my Jude and his sheath 















dsc_0063MUSHROOMY SPAGHETTI made by my personal chef, while crying from the onions and wearing blue jeans and an apron. It was hot.

Do you have the happies?

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Reply January 22, 2009

the spaghetti was hot or your personal chef? love your new site. miss my old friend!

Reply January 22, 2009

Dear Brooke, yes!

I miss you, too.

brooke robinson
Reply January 22, 2009

Ok, where to start...
let's just start with Jude. if i don't get over there and hug him till he hurts, i'll be a very sad lady. the sword in his diaper. those boys are born worriers!!
the mushroom yumminess...i might drive right over there now...storm into your house grab the leftovers, give you a little game pat, and enjoy my meal.
we miss you...miss your whole crew of boys!

brooke robinson
Reply January 22, 2009

shoot i did it again...WARRIOR! sorry bamby!

Reply January 22, 2009

Brookie, that's some good funny stuff - worriers?! They are born worriers. That's the problemo.

I haven't had a game pat in a while. Bring. it. on. Spaghetti's here and waiting.

Jane Anne
Reply January 22, 2009

Brotherly love, good food and art - those are some wonderful happy thoughts. I post a Thankful list on my blog every Thursday.

Jane Anne’s last blog post..Thursday Thanks Tank #71

Reply January 23, 2009

Jane Anne, I'll try to remember to link to you next week. Thankfulness has a tendency to be contagious. Don't let me forget.

Reply January 23, 2009

Amber, you are a sweet thing. :)

Cindy’s last blog post..When Something Happens...

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