Thursday I get in the car with my blue jeans on. I pray. I turn on Sirius Radio. 

“Wild Horses” is my favorite song. I sing my heart out. The wind blows my car back and forth. One after another, the interstate hawks shoot up hard like fireworks and drop tight like stones into dark water. Others rest enthroned on the limbs against a sky streaked in the airplanes’ slow silver darts. I need my alone.

I honestly thought the 8 hour drive to Blissdom09 would be the best part. I was wrong. 

Meet them. Meet a few of my new friends. They have real life skin and bones and stories and generous ears and trustworthy voices. 

Meet The Nester and The Inspired Room. They purpose to cause ease, and they succeed. 

Meet Chatting at the Sky. She writes like she knows what songbirds think. She is a kindred spirit and loves to laugh.

Meet 4 Reluctant Entertainers. She has Tina-Turner legs and thick black silk hair, an unquestionable beauty satisfied by something intense, still, and invisible. If she were to ever extend an invitation, it would be impossible to refuse. 

Meet A Southern Fairytale and learn generosity.

Meet Domestic-Chicky and imagine the story behind her art. There is one, and it’s beautiful. Ask her for it, and maybe she’ll tell.


There will be more on this, especially on other dear friends, but I’ve got it in the crock-pot right now, and it’ll be out directly.

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Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)
Reply February 8, 2009

I'm glad you had a great time! I had fun, too. I'll be posting more about Blissdom myself in the days ahead, but I do have a little something up on my blog now. :)

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)’s last blog post..“Are you the one with the horns?”

Lora Lynn
Reply February 8, 2009

So lovely to meet you for real. Safe trip home!

Lora Lynn’s last blog post..Nature to Nurture

Reply February 8, 2009

Sounds like a blast!

sweethomealagirl’s last blog post..Seventeen Months

Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light
Reply February 8, 2009

Ahhhhh....I can't wait to check all of them out! And of course to be there with you next year.


Reply February 8, 2009

Hi Amber! You followed me on Twitter and I followed you here. HELLO! SO wonderful to meet you. I made us late for church this morning reading through your favorite posts. I dare say, I have found a new favorite to stalk.

Having said that, I am crazy jealous you were amongst the lucky at BlissDom. Particularly jealous you got to meet Emily as she is totally a new fave, too.

Can't wait to hear and read more . . . all things BlissDom and beyond. :)

Reply February 9, 2009

You are a gift. Your words, your heart, your accent. I think I have a bloggy-girl crush.

Emily@ChattingAtTheSky’s last blog

Reply February 9, 2009

Can't wait to hear all the fun stories, I bet you ladies had a ball!

Michelle’s last blog post..Two Hands!

melissa @ the inspired room
Reply February 9, 2009

You were one of my favorite new people to meet. You are a beautiful young woman, not only from the outside but shining from the inside.
I hope to spend more time with you "next time" when Nester and I aren't shaking and hiding in our beds from nerves. :-)

susie harris
Reply February 9, 2009

Blissdom was great! My only regret ..not getting to meet you! So many many jitters. Im looking forward to next year already!

susie harris’s last blog post..A Little Bliss and Tell...

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
Reply February 9, 2009

So fun to meet you....the elevator pic is the best!! :)

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s last blog post..Blissdom update

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality
Reply February 9, 2009

Amber, wish I had more time to visit with you. I think we said hello or something, but there were SO many I didn't know and SO little time. I had a blast & know that all of us did. So glad to meet you & I hope we can do it all again next year!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality’s last blog post..The black architectural piece has landed

Jenny from Mommin' It Up!
Reply February 9, 2009

So glad I got to meet you! you have the most beautiful smile & radiate kindness. Can't wait to meet again!

Jenny from Mommin' It Up!’s last blog post..Wicked Afternoon

Jenny from Mommin' It Up!
Reply February 9, 2009

Ps here's the link to my BlissDom post...for some reason comment luv wasn't pulling it!

Jenny from Mommin' It Up!’s last blog post..Survivitude

sandy toe
Reply February 9, 2009

How fun! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time...maybe next year!
-sandy toe

sandy toe’s last blog post..Dancing the Night Away...

Reply February 9, 2009

dear amber, you are one of my best gifts from the weekend. seriously, you are darling - and i loved your spirit. i think we could be best friends if you lived closer (ask your hubs if he wants to move to OR?) now - the leg comment - you've got it wrong girl! hee hee. love you, so glad we can keep in touch now. (ha! i love what emily said - blog crush!)

sandy’s last blog post..Just Like Meredith!

Reply February 9, 2009

You touched me and blessed me in more ways than you can imagine. I can't even begin to tell you - mostly because I will start crying again (in a good way!), and I just got done re-doing my makeup from the last time I talked about you(yes, again in a good way-lol)!!

Deanna’s last blog post..Shhhhh…

Reply February 9, 2009

You are just toooo cute! And those red shoes - Love them! And I so hope you had a fun drive home!

Reply February 9, 2009


Let's negotiate.

OR sounds like a good place. Although it is quite far from my original stomping grounds, I have a modest proposal.

I have looked at your site. I want to eat it. You site appears to be a conglomeration of all things I like (save the salad). If you agree to cook for me on a regular basis, employ the use of copious amounts of butter in said cooking, and adopt the word ya'll into your everyday vernacular, I will consider a move to your seemingly lovely state. Moreover, if you are within an hours drive of Portland, I will waive the "ya'll" requirement.

Consider the offer. I will, of course, entertain counter-proposals. It's an occupational hazard, after all.

Seth’s last blog post..The MLP Mother's Day Edition Clarified

Reply February 9, 2009

mrs. haines - i would like to know how you feel about the sundays version of this song. it melts me.

the bird imagery at the top of this post is now in my memory. damn shame i didn't commit it before my drive across texas 79 yesterday and today. i needed it. the birds were profuse and ridiculous and brave, while the cows just nodded to the tempo of growth. i like farms.

in case:


Reply February 9, 2009

Mr. Hamster, The Sunday's version kicks the teeth in on The Rolling Stone's version. No kidding. I love The Sundays so bad. And as for the link: I hope to uplink and upload.

You're so good.

We are THAT family
Reply February 9, 2009

Amber, I enjoyed meeting you so much! You are a jewel and there is no wonder your sweet spirit initiated The Mother Letter project.

We are THAT family’s last blog post..Just Send Me Your Therapy Bills

Reply February 9, 2009

I just found your blog somehow. You know how that happens on the internet? I could tell, right away, that I like you a lot. I love your blog design and writing style and ohhh, I am bookmarking you straight away.


swonderful’s last blog post..Can you blog about blogging? And other stuff I don't know.

Reply February 9, 2009

lol! tell Seth - sure! i love cooking w/butter. but only if sweet amber comes along - and those beautiful kids! bummer, we are 4 hours from Portland!


sandy’s last blog post..Just Like Meredith!

To Think Is To Create
Reply February 9, 2009

You are such a treasure, it was great being introduced to your blog and your sweet voice and face. I can't wait to read more. :)

To Think Is To Create’s last blog post..BlissDom Accomplished

Jyl (Mom It Forward)
Reply February 9, 2009

Such a great summary! Love the elevator shot. Wasn't the hotel decor the best? Well, other than the conference... which was ABSOLUTELY the best!

Sweet post :).

Jyl (Mom It Forward)’s last blog post..Mom It Forward's Mother of All Giveaways!

Reply February 10, 2009

oh i wish i could have been there. sounds like great fun.

chickadee’s last blog post..Love

Mozi Esme's Mommy
Reply February 10, 2009

jealousy is setting in over here!

Musings of a Housewife
Reply February 11, 2009

It was SO nice to meet you!! (And sit next to you at Mexican Fiesta!) Thanks for this fun recap.

Reply February 11, 2009

Wow. Really?

Thank you.

I could sit and watch you and listen and learn from you for days.

rachel-asouthernfairytale’s last blog post..Keep Believing

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