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*Update* Mama Koala! I just drew your name!!!! I’m so glad. This will be very timely for you. Thank you for entering. Send your snail mail address to therunamuck@gmail.com 

6a00d8342086bb53ef01116896429a970c-320wiAt Blissdom 09, I met a new sweet friend who practically lives up the road from me. Holley Gerth of Heart to Heart with Holley has recently published her first book, Rain On Me, Devotions of Hope and Encouragement for Difficult Times. 

Rain on Me is a devotional journey to help you not only survive but thrive in the storms of life. A downpour of trials can be a force that destroys and washes away hope, or it can become a tool God uses to bring healing, growth, and new life to our hearts. Through God’s Word, reflection questions, and prayers that you can personalize, these forty devotions deliver encouragement and hope, guiding you as you respond to your circumstances. Writing space is provided throughout for collecting your thoughts and concerns, prayers and praises.

Not only is this book gorgeously slick with thick pages and a blue ribbon bookmark, it is filled with application questions that address the soul’s neediness, fears, and desires and gives journaling space for reflection, and you can imagine how I love such a thing. Holley Gerth has written Rain On Me with authority, and I believe she’s had to experience a thing or two in order to write it. 

This amazing woman sent me the cutest DaySpring card and two copies of Rain on Me, one for me and one for you. Leave me a comment if you want to be in the drawing and tell me something about yourself – something for real. Also, check out Heart to Heart with Holley, where you can download a portion of the book and where she explains how you can get 20% off the already reduced price of her book and 20% off everything you purchase from DaySpring.

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Reply February 25, 2009

Something for real...ouch. I struggle with anger which usually shows itself to my children. (5, 4, 2 and 5 weeks).... I look for validation in others, namely my husband. .....hmmmmm...... i fear that i am homeschooling my daughter as a means to keep her from the hurts i experienced.....

    Reply February 25, 2009

    Yes, Jessica and Cassie! Thank you for being for real.

Reply February 25, 2009

Ok for real: I have no patience. I am at the end of my rope most days. I haven't blogged on my website for a WHILE because I don't think I have anything worth sharing. I feel guilty that I haven't blogged because I pay for that blog. I feel like a failure most days. I am spilling my guts in your comments.

Cassie’s last blog post..ducks in a row

Reply February 25, 2009

I would love to have this book. And? I'm a teenager trapped in a grownup body. Seriously, does anyone else still feel 17 on the inside? Will that ever change?

emily’s last blog post..be more. do less.

Reply February 25, 2009

oh how i wish that was the case emily....i, on the other hand feel like a prudish(sp) 65 year old. pity my kids.....i yearn for some of that youthful exuberance. i am pooped!

Emily M
Reply February 25, 2009

I'm pretty lazy. I'm good enough at most of the things I do that I coast along, doing kind of the bare minimum, all the while knowing that if I would work at it, I could do so much more. I could write; I could be all kinds of creative; I could do amazing things with my kids; I could do good things for the world. God has pretty much handed me the good life on a silver platter, but I don't take advantage of half of the opportunities He gives me.

And then when something doesn't go my way, I wallow in self-pity. I imagine my prayers must sound to Him the way my daughter's whining sounds to me.

Is that real enough? :)

    Reply February 25, 2009

    You've got real good, too. Don't forget those parts.

    Em, I've always had an old soul and have to work at light-heartedness, but I am so immature when it comes to things I think are fun. Give me some roller skates, The Fat Boys, and some crude noises, and I'm all yours.

Amber @ Classic Housewife
Reply February 25, 2009

This book sounds wonderful!
Real: I struggle constantly with "those" days, mainly because I'm learn to be truly content with every little aspect of where God has me in life right now. It's too easy to focus on what I want, how I thought things would go. If I let it get me down, it can get me real down. But most days I'm able to cling to God and his infinite goodness. I cling daily to the belief that GOD IS GOOD. ALL THE TIME.

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect
Reply February 25, 2009

Something real? My blog is called "Giving Up on Perfect," and I long to encourage women to break the chains of perfectionism. But the truth is I'm not really qualified...because I still think, deep in my heart, that I can actually achieve perfection. I KNOW it's not true, but darn it if I didn't find myself arguing with God about it last night. "Of course I can be so much better/smarter/kinder/more, God. You know I can! ... What? I can't? Hmph."

It's real. And it's a bummer.

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect’s last blog post..Carnival Week: Works For Me Wednesday

Reply February 25, 2009

As a writer, I've become so accustomed to spinning stories - just a small twist here, a tiny turn there - that sometimes I don't even realize that I'm knee deep in dishonesty. And once you're in the muck, it's very hard (and humbling) to crawl out.
PS - Amber, I'll be in Arkansas tomorrow!

brooke’s last blog post..The Conversation Resumes! Why Wine Matters: Resonance

Reply February 25, 2009

I'm really bad about blaming other people for my spiritual dryness.

brittney’s last blog post..couldn't be...then who?

Reply February 25, 2009

I struggle with God all the time. My relationship with God was tested and nearly destroyed many years ago and I still try to justify why God should love me when I am who God made me to be. My faith is certainly unique in many ways and certainly doesn't conform to the way those around me expect, and I struggle with that, too. Not to mention the daily struggles of chronic illness. But God is good and loving. I believe that. It is just so difficult to live it.

Sulwyn’s last blog post..Recent Projects

Reply February 25, 2009

Allow me to rephrase: Does anyone else feel like they are a kid on the inside, waiting for the grownup to come and clean up their house and take care of their kids for real? Did anyone stare at the nurse after their first child was born, astounded that the hospital was actually going to let you bring that baby home? You? A kid?

Because I do. I feel like a kid on the inside in all the ways that are not fun. Like, will a grown up please come and tell me what to do? I most certainly was not a light hearted 17 year old. That has been an unfortunate discovery for me.

emily@ChattingAtTheSky’s last blog post..be more. do less.

    Reply February 25, 2009

    YES. In every way. In fact, the other day I said, "I'm just waiting for another Mama to come in here and put me to bed and take care of my kids and wake me up when it's time to eat her home-cooking."

    When we left the hospital, I thought they were crazy to let us leave.

Lisa B @ simply His
Reply February 25, 2009

Oh wow. There's so much to share with you but I guess I need to sit down and write my Mother Letter :) The struggles will change as your kids age. That's what I've seen. What's breaking my heart is only having one. Hubby and I were ok with that, but she's longing for a brother or sister to share things with. We're praying about adoption -- well, we've been talking about it for awhile, and we need to pray more. Ack, ok. That's enough confession for one day ;) Miss you and your great sense of humor. I hope we can get together again soon. How about we meet up at Robin's? :D

Lisa B @ simply His’s last blog post..First snag with the Mac

Reply February 25, 2009

This looks great, I just ordered one for a friend who had 2 miscarriages, but could definitely use another - that's the way life is, right? Something real about me...hmm, I make keeping my house clean (clean-ish) a higher priority than spending time in God's word. :(

Kara’s last blog post..Pregnancy Flashback: Birth-Day

Reply February 25, 2009

I'm afraid my husband might lose his job. Today that's the most "real" thing I have to share. I poured my guts out on my blog today if you want to see me rant. http://britineyj.blogspot.com

Reply February 25, 2009

I've been having a long struggle with believing the Bible to be God's word. It freaks me out.
And, for all my talk of the gospel and grace, I don't even trust it to get me through the day.
I force myself to read the Bible during my baby's early morning feedings, partly because I have faith that if I pursue God's word (even in my doubts) He WILL meet me there, but partly so I can "get it out of the way."

susie’s last blog post..Mom in the Mirror

Reply February 25, 2009

My Mom passed away on Feb 15th. Tomorrow would have been her 84th birthday. I'm struggling with grief and anger right now. This would be great for me.

the domestic fringe
Reply February 25, 2009

Looks like a good book. Something true about me...

I hate conflict and avoid it at all costs. This isn't always a good thing.


the domestic fringe’s last blog post..Technologically Savvy

Reply February 25, 2009

I'm enjoying all of your comments. Thank you, Amber, for doing the giveaway of my book! You are a sweetheart.
Something real about me...I can't get up on time to save my life. One time I even put chocolate on the alarm clock. I ate it and went back to bed.
And every time I'm about to speak in public I feel like there's something in my nose. Maybe that's why I became a writer.
Holley Gerth

    Reply February 25, 2009

    Oh, Holley, that's better than snuff! Thanks for sending me the book. Every time I open it, it gets in my business. That's a good sign that I need to read it now and not wait for a major disappointment.

    Y'all, I am honored (times a million) that this could be a safe place for us. I want it to be that way. There isn't one comment here with which I don't relate or to which I wouldn't have the same reaction in your circumstance. I think I love you.

Kim G
Reply February 25, 2009

I'm amazed at the comments. How do all these other ladies feel so much like I do? And where are they? Everyone I know talks so "together" and seems so together. I struggle with depression and with constant negative thoughts about myself. And now my 14yo also seems to be depressed and will not at all communicate with his father and me. He's changed from a sweet, cheerful boy to a sullen, somber kid. And he's cruel to his brother. It's all breaking my heart and I'm not dealing well with it at all.

Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light
Reply February 25, 2009

It's me... and all I can think to tell you about me on a day like today is: My work can be really exhausting on days like today. I love it, but sometimes it completely drains me dry....today was a kick booty day in Labor and Delivery! Sorry I don't have more than that at this moment...but I'm pooped. Just being honest.

Michelle @Vintagesquirel.com
Reply February 25, 2009

I suffer from horrible chronic pain every single day. I work hard to make sure that fact does not change the person I am. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I fail. I'm okay with that.

Michelle @Vintagesquirel.com’s last blog post..It's not about the chocolates

Reply February 26, 2009

Real: I'm learning how to be a great friend instead of a conditional friend. Running away when there's conflict isn't the right thing to do. Why is it so hard to be a grown-up??? :)

Mama Koala
Reply February 26, 2009

Receiving this book now would be so timely....one of my best friends in the world died unexpectedly Sunday morning. Real: I don't know how to survive this loss, but know I must go on...

She was 26, and has an eight year old son.

I miss her SO much already.

Heather of the EO
Reply February 26, 2009

ooooh boy, I love REAL. I think I've learned so much about my people-pleasing and perfectionistic tendencies. I'll think I've let go of control and then all of the sudden I realize I've only made baby steps. BABY steps. I'm still holding on to far too much.

Heather of the EO’s last blog post..The foundation of a dream

Reply February 26, 2009

Real: Sometimes it is really hard to be "real" especially when expectations of friends and family around you expect you to be super woman and not a real woman. Not sure if that makes much sense. I just find it extremely difficult to find that real me. It is hidden somewhere inside afraid to come out for fear of judgment. Unfortunately I have been judged by a family member and that also makes it more difficult to get that real woman to come out. Enough rambling. Thanks!

Reply February 27, 2009

hi...just found your blog and am loving the raw beauty of it! thank you for being real! something real about me? it's been awhile...hard to be real when no one has asked of you for soooo long! it's hard being a mama...it came sooner than i expected. my amazing husband works with hot, witty girls everyday and i get jealous even though i don't want to be. it really feels like it's just me and HIM most days...i WANT beauty for ashes...but i'm not there yet. it will happen...only because HE's stayed by me for so long!

Tiffany’s last blog post..Potty Trained!

Jane Anne
Reply February 28, 2009

Enter me in the drawing! I would love to win.
Okay- what should I tell you about myself? I have been thinking about being real a lot lately. Today, I finally came up with a one word goal for my year (and it's the end of February!): Authentic
I want to be more real to my friends and neighbors. I am convicted that I have been pouring more into screen relationships than my relationships with real people (that live on my street for goodness sake!) I want to be authentic with people I come in contact with. I want to be authentic with myself. I want to be authentic in my relationship with God. I wish this kind of honesty wasn't so hard.
Something real that I don't like about myself? I am very forgetful. I can't stand that flaw.

Jane Anne’s last blog post.."You can't fight identity theft...with a caffeine deficiency"

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