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We have a winner for The Rainy Day Giveaway. We drew Mama Koala‘s name this morning to receive a copy of Holley Gerth’s new book, Rain on Me. It is listed at DaySpring for a great price. If you were hoping to win it, please just hop over there now and use the code, RAINON20, to receive an additional 20% off. 

So?  How do you feel about all those comments on the giveaway post? I, for one, am so grateful for the real stuff. I think when we say what is true out loud, we’ll be much more likely to address it and make needed changes. Really. I’d love the feedback.

Do you ever read Shannon’s (from Rocks in My Dryer) Saturday linkage? It’s always good, and she notes a few blog posts this week that I LOVE.

The Facebook Fast by Anne Jackson

Silence by Homemaking Through the Church Year

I also think I’ll be reading this one over and over. It’s also by Anne Jackson, blogger of FlowerDust.net:

Closing Down flowerdust.net

These two ladies seem to be dealing with a few things of their own. What do you think?


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Reply February 28, 2009

Recently, I have been considering the way our online relationships alter the way we do life. It is easy to feel "connected" to people via blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The negative effects were most obvious in my own life the day I offered a FB "happy b'day" to a dear friend, never once picking up the phone to call her or meeting her for a birthday ice cream. I have a lot of "friends" that I can follow through "____ is . . ." comments or their latest blog. I have very few friends to sit with for a laugh or a cry. Few people REALLY know me. I can't wait to read Jackson's reflections when she completes her fast!

the domestic fringe
Reply February 28, 2009

Congrats to the winner! I'll have to read the blogs you've suggested.


the domestic fringe’s last blog post..Vacation Land Getaway

Reply February 28, 2009

I'm not sure what I think. I know I don't want idols. I know I struggle with making one out of my computer. That's all I have to say about that.

Kelly, I am pumped to hear back from Anne, too, especially about her heart preparations for India.

I do wonder how much better I would hear my children, clean my house, and keep up with my girlfriends-in-the-skin if I weren't so concerned with social media. It's not all bad. I just often lack discipline.

Reply February 28, 2009

It is a done deal. God has been urging me in this for a while and I have been trying to not hear him. Enough is enough.

    Reply February 28, 2009

    Blessings on your home, Jessica.

Reply February 28, 2009

everything in moderation.
i have to comment because my experience has been so different. first, by facebook, i reconnected with friends i haven't seen/spoken with in 15, 20, 25 years! and you know that line from "stand by me": "you never have friends like you do when your 12 years old"! this lead to daily phone calls with my roommate from college, that we continue today!

then blogging. i've been with my husband for almost 21 years. we had a rough fall... just crazy lives pulling us apart. part of it was that i'm pretty easy going, and after this long with such a strong personality, i felt like i'd lost myself. i compromise a lot. i'm a mom. i gave up my career, my past times, my friends for my family. little by little, day by day, until i hardly recognized my life anymore. i started blogging, and really thought it would be a place for me to be free. i expressed myself freely. then-my husband read my blog, specifically my post "dear god". when i came home that night, he sat me down and with tears in his eyes, asked me what i wanted in my life that i didn't have? he told me he would move mountains for me to make me happy. we have reconnected in such a way, i can't even begin to describe. so this blogging has been such a blessing to us.
yes, everything in moderation.
(sorry to blog on your blog!) :)

patty’s last blog post..Friday Funnies

Jennifer (Conversion Diary)
Reply February 28, 2009

I saw those links as well -- really thought-provoking!

Speaking of Shannon, I recently discovered your blog via a glowing recommendation from her and am glad to have found it! Nice to "meet" you. :)

Jennifer (Conversion Diary)’s last blog post..7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 23)

Reply March 1, 2009

I appreciated Patty's reference to "everything in moderation"...I wish I could figure out what "moderation" means as it relates to social media, online "community", and writing/expressing/blogging. It can be such a time suck for me (even if only in little snippets here and there), and I know it often detracts from being the real life person I'm supposed to be.
This is great conversation, Amber, provoking much needed reflection on how to be wise stewards of our time and talents in every day life.

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post..Friday Funnies - Assessing your Kindergarten Readiness

Reply March 1, 2009

I totally agree with Patty. Facebook has been a tremendous blessing for me. I can keep up with my college girls so easily and the girls that used to be in my small group. I LOVE the pictures of my childhood friends with their own children. It blows my mind.

My blog and especially the blogs of others have blessed me eternally. I LOVE blogging.

I also love a glass of wine. I "love" coffee and sugar. I believe that Jesus would sit down with me for a little bit of all these things. Let's not have a conversation about this. I'm just saying.

My concern is not with the little bits. The issue is whether or not my internet time is an addiction. Do I choose my blog over my child's soggy bottom? Do I shorten a phone call to a lonely friend to answer a chat? Am I really paying attention to my husband while I'm also tweeting, facebooking, and blogging?

I think there is no use in making rules about this stuff. It's a case by case situation - if we have the discipline to deal with it that way. Sometimes we get sucked into chains before we know it, and it takes a really big step back to untie ourselves to find solid ground, and ultimately, FREEDOM - which is the purpose of salvation.
Patty, you can blog on my blog anytime.
Mylestones, you have the gift of encouragement.
And HOTDOG! Jennifer, I’m honored to have you here.

Mama Koala
Reply March 3, 2009

I feel so blessed to win--this will come at just the right time. Thank you SO much!

I'll be e-mailing you back shortly.

Reply March 4, 2009

It has been 4 days since my "waking hours" fast from the internet has begun. (5:30 am - 8:30 when kids go to bed) God has blessed me beyond measure. I have sat on the floor with my kids more in the past 4 days than in the last 4 weeks. giving Him control of my day has made my my day more orderly and peaceful than i had dreamed possible. Praise God for his provisions and blessings. (and I will be contributing)

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