I can’t wait for Ann Kroeker’s new book

This story from Holley @ Heart to Heart with Holley is FUNNY!

Look at the ad for John Voltz’s local church. I love it. 


Dear Jesus, if indeed you are truly preparing a place for us in glory (and I believe You are), please, pretty please, to infinity plus 1 – Brother, Savior, Friend – if there is a spiritual sense of being that tips at all toward a physical sense of being – could I live near to You and at least within good hollering range of Ann Voskamp? Did you read what she wrote yesterday at a holy experience

I thought so. I know she’s your good friend. Thank you for that. 

What I would like is for the three of us to find a good porch swing. We could all three pile up like siblings, and we could sing those old hymns where we were begging for you to come for us and comfort us, and we could smile, and just rock, and know.



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Reply March 21, 2009

lol - Amber, I just love your wonderful, quirky style... I SERIOUSLY hope He lets us have porch swings... :-)

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Reply March 23, 2009

Thank you for the linky love, Amber! I'm honored. (:

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Ann Voskamp
Reply March 24, 2009

{whisper: did the crowd move on? and i can just slip a whisper your way now? after my cheeks have stopped burning... oh girl. holler my way any time you like.

that piece, about finding lost pieces, was surprisingly painful to write, the hurt in my throat swelling, burning. creativity is a terrifying thing for us mere mortals. (who do we think we are to think we can make anything? guess that is why we are *co-laborers* with God -- that's the only way we can.)

that you'd take me anyways, amber... *startling* grace, me so awkward and trying to get comfortable in my own skin.

i think that swing in heaven is going to be piled high with you and a wild bunch of glorious women... but if there's an inch on the corner, i'd count it dizzying grace to sing with y'all too.

thanks. *thanks.*}

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Reply March 28, 2009

And me too, please? I'll just push the swing gently, or sit quietly on the porch steps and listen, or serve the lemonade and sweet tea...

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