my uncreativity and need for your help

I’m at Starbucks. It’s a chilly, blinding day, and there is sad night music playing – Sam Cook I believe. I can’t help but hold my head weary down in accord with harmonica. I have all the heart of a tortured artist, and you know where this tortured creativity is going? Into paint colors for our renovation. I feel like I’m getting married to my colors. This stuff might really affect me. What if I hate it? I’ll have to look it in the eyes everyday. 

Anyway. Back to Starbucks – now we have jazz, the bouncy flit around the room jazz, the I’m not sure if I like this, I might go crazy jazz. 

And I might. Seth looked at the colors we’ve painted in real life swatches on the wall, and he totally boo-ed my artistic outpourings. Once he mentioned it, I had gone a bit wacky. There’s a gray, blue, green on the wall with an outrageous yellowy green-gold on the ceiling of the living room which is trimmed in an old dark wood. 

I am very please with the bedroom. Seth said to go sexy, so we painted the walls orange and the ceiling RED. Mama, I cannot wait to show you the pictures. I think we’ll be in the first week of May.

If you could repaint your house right now, the house you know you’ll live in for a good while, what colors would you use? Also, could you pretend that it’s a rustic rock house and that you’re pretty eclectic while you’re giving me suggestions?

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Reply March 26, 2009

I don't live in a house I could paint (or even a house, for that matter) right now.
But I have always wanted a chocolate brown living room.
And wedding-color green walls in another room. I just haven't quite figured that one out yet.

Reply March 26, 2009

We painted our entire house before we moved in because I could not live with a pastel blue entryway, with stenciled navy and pink flowers up the staircase. I also had to do something about the pink living room. I knew with certainty what I didn't like, but I was a mess trying to figure out what I did
I consulted one of my dear friends who is super artsy, aka, "my color lady". She came up with a scheme we could use throughout the house. Turns out, I am pretty fond of green. Even the yellows and taupes in our house have their roots in green. So my advice is to get yourself a color lady. Even if you have to pay. Because it might be cheaper than therapy later on.
And if you can't find a color lady, then look in your closets. The colors there are the colors you like best. Maybe paint your living room the color of your favorite sweater?

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the domestic fringe
Reply March 26, 2009

I change my paint colors too often to be a help to you. I paint on a whim and I don't suggest that method.

I'd love to see pictures of your orange bedroom.

Allison Nelson
Reply March 26, 2009

I love green! My kitchen is Sherwin Williams Rye Grass and I LOVE it. When (prayerfully) we build a house, I really hope I'm bold enough to paint the kitchen and living room this color with some really great white beadboard to break up the color.
We just painted our living room and bedroom a Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan and our bathroom Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Sea Salt is a great neutral blue. The Lenox Tan is a good, safe color if you are trying to stay neutral.

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Emily M
Reply March 26, 2009

Our bedroom is a beautiful gray-green called Tornado Watch (from Lowe's), and our kitchen is a bold blue called Veranda Club Blue (or something to that effect). They're my favorite rooms in the house, and I could sit in them all day long, admiring the colors.

Reply March 26, 2009

If I had to choose all the colors for my house now, I might be tempted to pull my hair out. I paint on a whim and there have been a few times that I had to re-paint because my whim didn't turn out so good. :)
I did paint my living room a color called Gray Pearl by Martha Stewart #MS181 and I really, really love it. It is a cool color, but a nice neutral. I looked it up for you, just in case - go here:

click on any set of color boxes and then enter "gray pearl" in the search box. It will pop up and you can click on it to maximize it.

All that work, and you might not like it. But, maybe you could find a neutral color like that to start from. Your orange bedrooms sounds awesome! I want to see a picture. :) Our bedroom is a tangerine orange, and I really like it, but felt a little insecure about it. Now I can just say well, Amber has an orange bedroom too, so I'm not the only crazy one.
I do second Jo's suggestion to hire someone to help you if you can. I think it helps to have someone who can be objective. Don't get too overwhelmed - it is just paint after all. You can always re-paint.

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Reply March 26, 2009

um, I don't know, but now I want to paint my house.

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Shannon M.
Reply March 26, 2009

I want blue walls that remind me of a beach house and the ocean. I've lived in the same house for seven years and I've wanted to paint the plain, beige walls for about ... six of those years. I just don't have the guts. My neighbor just painted her house a sage green color and it rocks -- although I'm not sure it would rock in a rock house. Prolly.

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Reply March 26, 2009

I can't wait to see your bedroom. That is too fun. I've always felt some grey-green (or is it green-grey? Where is my crayola box when I need it!) going on in your living room, but I don't know if that's eclectic enough. I would recommend painting the ceilings. They make our 8 ft ceilings seem so much taller! I know Dawna will help you pick out something fabulous.
Brittney-we used Milk Chocolate by Valspar in our master bedroom at our last house and loved it. We may even use it in our nursery.
I love all these paint tips. I seriously scour the back of magazines for the names of colors they use.

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Reply March 26, 2009

Some colors I'd like would be olive, chocolate, lavender, and baby blue.

Reply March 26, 2009

You guys are right on. I can't wait to show you what we finally decided. That'll be a post in May, I guess. We're using orange, red, purple, gold, green, pink, and blue. Can you believe it? I can't wait to see it, myself.

Reply March 26, 2009

After a few unfortunate painting experiences, I always highly recommend getting a sample (Sherwin Williams offers these) or quart to try first. We bought two gallons of purple paint that I was certain would have been blue. No offense purple, we just wanted blue.

We did our room, AKA the Smokin' Hot Love Nest, in a really deep red with a mustard colored ceiling. My husband had his doubts while applying the ceiling paint. He said all we needed were some golden arches. Turkey. It turned out lovely. One of these days he will learn to trust me. At least, I hope so.

I love Jo's sweater suggestion. When I was trying to decide what to do for our nursery, that's how I decided. Everyday I was head to toe green and brown and I just knew it would make me oh so happy... It does.

Happy painting! Can't wait to see the pics!

Rachel’s last blog post..American Idol, Top 10

Reply March 26, 2009

Hey, I'm a day early, but I'm staying offline tomorrow, so I'm sharing my Friday Funny link here, a day early. :) My post will be up tomorrow. You have given me one more reason to love Friday.

Reply March 26, 2009

Oh, I need this post. An outlet in my drab, might-move-out-any-day world.
Dining/living - a stony, dark, British grey with one wall in a deep teal. White or light gray ceiling.
Bedroom - lighter gray. I want lots of white in my bedroom and pops of color with accessories. Ceiling in a very subtle lilac.
Kitchen, if I had neutral cupboards - cobalt blue OR lime green, and maybe both at once if I was feeling saucy.
My bathroom is currently a color called Caramel Pink, which sounds amazing and WAS amazing in a small swatch, but on the side of Too Much in a whole room. I like pink in the bath--it's happy and warm and feminine all at the same time. Just needs to be a different pink, a bit lighter.

Minnesotamom’s last blog post..Potpourri

Reply March 26, 2009

Oh, and if I had white trim (which I do) and white furniture (which I don't), I would do a deep chocolate brown, ceilings and all. Yummmmmmmm.

Minnesotamom’s last blog post..Potpourri

Rachel L.
Reply March 26, 2009

Lately I have had paint colors on my mind too, although mine is mostly dreaming. If we EVER can get this house sold I want to be ready to pounce. I want to have paint colors in hand when we leave the title company with new keys in hand. My favorites right now are greens and yellows or greens and blues. Have you been to pottery barn lately? They inspired me with the greens and yellows. I want colors in my next house that could be a good backdrop for most holiday decor. Right now I am having trouble adding spring/Easter touches to a house with red and grey walls. Bleh!

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Autumn Brown
Reply March 27, 2009

You know I have to share my dress house. I have already owned and sold it (after a year and a half). I am at peace with this and am totally in love with the Lords plan. Yet, I can't help but show off my dream house that I once owned. I think I would show off pictures of it before my daughter. Lord forgive me. It was in Fort Smith and was built c. 1900. She had good bones and was very excited to be dressed up. In the pictures on the blog you will find we painted the kitchen in colors more suited to sale but it was a wonderful bright spring green. I didn't get the chance to put my touch on all the rooms but I think you will see what I had planned. I guess I ask you to look at the blog and read this because I want you two to do all that you can because you will never know when the Lord will ask you to leave.

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    Reply March 27, 2009

    Autumn! WOW! That house really was gorgeous. It's so hard to really agree sometimes that it's just a house. We can get so wrapped up in burnable things, can't we?

Reply March 27, 2009

Wait, you mean the inside or the exterior? Almost my whole downstairs is painted yellow (interior), and I really thought I'd get tired of it. But I love it more today than the day I painted it--it always feels like sunshine in here.

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Reply March 28, 2009

i love these comments... notice all the green? so soothing, comforting. i swore i'd never have a rainbow house - different color in ever room, but guess what? every SINGLE room. different. and it's ok. i also like the idea that it's just paint. and it can change. even tho the first proffessional painter (the first time i paid to paint something) gave me ulcers. my recommendation-and saw it above-paint the ceilings. i did ceilings in my fav rooms (bedroom and dining room) a pale, sand color and covered that with a irridescent (YES!) wash. when the sun is just right (or the candlelight), you can see the random brush strokes, and it's beautiful! :)
sexy bedrooms, good, too. mine's a deep, rich red with my flashy ceiling and bone molding. GL; can't wait to see photos!

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mandy eoff
Reply March 28, 2009

how fun to be choosing colors! i think the orange sounds so fun--
one of the things i want to do someday is have a chocolate colored bathroom and an entire wall in my kitchen w/ chalk board paint for notes, places for the kids to draw...
the living room...earthy mustard color (i was trying for this in our house and ended up being more bright yellow)
i love murals for kids rooms (my mom is an artist and does them if you need some help :) couldn't you see scenes from Narnia for little boys?? i hope we can do that when Elijah has a room.
these homes are temporary but so fun to make homey :) excited for you and your family

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Reply April 7, 2009

Okay, I'm the one blessed enough to be doing this project with Amber. The goal? To cause a smile too irresistable to control as she walks from one room to the next.... even if some days she can't feel the shape her mouth is making (: Just a few more weeks to go and she'll be smiling all over herself! (:

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