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Last night I dreamt that I was taking a shower in a huge studio apartment. I could see the living space, a bed, a kitchen, and the front door as I was sudsing up my hair.

Of course, in walked the entire Obama family. Barak totally ignored me, the kids ran in, and Michelle pranced right by. The president asked a question to someone in the apartment, and I knew the answer, so I responded while I quickly tried to rinse off. He said thank you.

So I’m standing there, motionless and naked in the shower, and I didn’t have a towel. I didn’t want to streak across to the bed area without permission first, so I said, “Psst! Madame Obama!” I did this in a very loud whisper, and I have no idea why I called her madame. 

“Psst! Madame Obama! Do you want me to go get some clothes on?”

She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “Yes, I would like for you to do that.”

I felt extremely embarrassed the whole rest of the dream.


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Reply March 27, 2009

Sweet Sarah from left a link in yesterday's post because she is honoring Kimba's challenge to stay off the internet today. I wish I had known about the challenge myself.

Check out Sarah's funny:

Reply March 27, 2009

Madame Haines, that's one hilarious dream!

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post..I must remind myself to stop talking to myself

Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light
Reply March 27, 2009

I had some crazy dreams last night, but mine weren't of the funny variety (wish they had been)! Maybe it's this crazy weather!

Not sure I'll have a Friday Funny today...but ya never know. I could be back here in a little bit checking out the others and be inspired!

Reply March 27, 2009

Oh my, what a funny dream!

My daughter made a funny birthday card for me:

Happy Friday!

Hannah’s last blog post..What Happened to Mommy?

Reply March 27, 2009

There was an article in The New Yorker last year about how much people dream about Obama. I guess it is quite a phenomenon. I am a Ron Paul girl, but I dreamt about Hilary once!

Laura’s last blog post..The Circus

Shannon M.
Reply March 27, 2009

:))))))))))) That was hilarious! Nothing funny to report from the west end today.

Shannon M.’s last blog post..The Mom Whisperer on Cleaning: Are you a Sunburst or Paper Doll?

Reply March 27, 2009

I always look forward to reading the hilarious things that happen during the week!

Desha’s last blog post..Friday Funnies

Reply March 27, 2009

my favorite part of the story-telling here is how you say, "Of course, in walked the Obama family." i mean, "of course" who else would have walked in while you were nakedly vulnerable and showering in a wall-less studio apartment? "of course" it's the president and his madame. i laughed out loud this morning over my oatmeal at that one.

mrs. haines, you are indeed a fine writer, but you're also a hell of a storyteller. the former is a jewel of a craft; the latter a gift some do and some don't possess. HOWEVER, one person containing a combination of the two? well, that's about as rare as finding early dylan on vinyl or hearing tongues in a southern baptist church. it just don't happen much.

keep sending down the golden flakes from on high, lady. i'm stuffin' 'em in my pockets and throwin' 'em at the neighbor kids.

hamster’s last blog post..A Three Hands in the Popcorn Bag First!

    Reply March 27, 2009

    hamster, sometimes when you comment, I go back and read what I've written excited to see what you've mentioned. You're my brother. Tell your bride I love her, too, and I can't wait for our place to be done so y'all can come, and I can see whether or not she grew out her hair and whether or not you grew back the wombat. I'm going to keep a journal going of all the many good quotes, and this time, we are going to freaking read poetry the whole weekend.

Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light
Reply March 27, 2009

Turns out, I did have a "funny" to share today....

Hope you have a great weekend!

the domestic fringe
Reply March 27, 2009

What in the world did you eat before you went to bed?



Reply March 27, 2009

Thank you, that was out-loud funny!

Kara’s last blog post..Baseball Birth Announcements

Jane Anne
Reply March 28, 2009

This was a fantastic funny! I really needed to laugh today.

Jane Anne’s last blog post..Burdened

Reply March 28, 2009

LOL - I thought MY dreams were bad!

Kelly’s last blog post..and i hate this song

Reply March 29, 2009

Oh my! Now that would be a freaky dream. :) Makes me wonder what you were thinking about last week. I find that my dreams are bits and pieces of things that have been tumbling around in my brain. It's great that you called her Madame Obama. :)

BlueCastle’s last blog post..Meditation

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