a friday funny: a church experiment

ff3Has this church come up with an interesting way to draw the party crowd? 


I know this isn’t a story, but it is funny – to me, at least. God is good to turn a name around, isn’t he? I actually read an article a few weeks ago about a very successful woman named Marijuana Pepsi – talk about overcoming negative expectations.

My Mamaw also swore that she had known a girl named

Elmer Belmer Oody Ann Mary Sarah Elizabeth Jane.

I’ve said that name repeatedly since I was a little girl. It still makes me smile so big, and I remember my Mamaw’s smile, too – the one I trusted, but I wasn’t sure whether or not she was telling the truth.


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Reply April 3, 2009

I love to hear about interesting names. Do you know any?

Reply April 3, 2009

my Grandma Nelson's name was Hildegarde Gertrude Wambscantz-Nelson. She went by the name "Wamby". For real, I couldn't have made this up.

Here's my Friday Funny! (and Amber, I think your last week Friday Funny is part of this...)

Reply April 3, 2009

I can't think about any interesting names at the moment. In fact, Elmer Belmer Oody Ann Mary Sarah Elizabeth Jane is probably top on my list now!

My funny this week is about my husband.

Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book
Reply April 3, 2009

Right off hand I can't think of any interesting names, but I just wanted to say that I love the church sign. It's so funny and definitely an attention grabber. :)

Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book’s last blog post..10 Steps to Make Shopping with Kids Easier

Reply April 3, 2009

oh-those names! even jack's! :)

i've left my funny at :

patty’s last blog post..Doh!

Reply April 3, 2009

i knew a woman named martini. i can't remember if her middle name was olive, or if was going to be and her mom put a stop to that, but she was definitely named after her dad's favourite drink. she named her daughter silvery grey.

angela’s last blog post..

Reply April 3, 2009

Now that's a revival that could draw a crowd. It's all about brand, right? Oh, I kid.
Funny names. There was a kid in my school named Harold Butt and people called him Harry, and he didn't like that very much. For realz. It was funny for poor Harry, I guess.

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post..On Running & Running On

Reply April 3, 2009

Oops, I meant to say it was NOT funny for Harry. I should look him up on facebook, see if he's gotten around to changing his name....

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post.."I Do It Myselt!": Images of Independence

Susan in Va
Reply April 3, 2009

LOL! I love the sign! And the name...STRANGE! It wouldn't surprise me, though. Someone once told me a story about a high school girl who named her daughter "Abcde" (as in the first 5 letters of the alphabet) - I can't remember how she pronounced it..."ah-beck-day" or something like that. It's certainly original :-

Here's my Friday Funny:

Susan in Va’s last blog post..Do You Hear What I Hear?

Emily M
Reply April 3, 2009

I once knew a family of girls who were all named after alcohol: Sherry, Brandy, Daiquiri, and Margarita. Daiquiri was my age, and I always felt so strange saying her name.

Reply April 3, 2009

Taht is funny. In high school I knew a girl named Penny Moneypenny.

Denise’s last blog post..This Is The Living Bible

Reply April 3, 2009

A friend said there was a baby in her NICU recently named La-a (prounced Ladasha).

Reply April 3, 2009

I'm late, but it's not my fault. Really. My sister had my camera with my Friday Funny on it. I just now tracked her down and got my post up.
Here's my link:

I once had a friend in high school who had a friend whose last name was Pause. The story is that this girl's parents almost named her Meno, but at the last minute decided against it. I'm sure she's very grateful. That's the funny name story I can think of.

BlueCastle’s last blog post..Friday Funny - Foto

Reply April 3, 2009

oh should start taking pictures of the crazu church signs I see around here!!


laura’s last blog post..friday funny?

the domestic fringe
Reply April 3, 2009

I know a pastor in Maine who is name Jack Daniels.

the domestic fringe’s last blog post..A Girdle On My Sole

Christy Brockman
Reply April 3, 2009

Surely Marijuana went by Mari or something! Poor girl! I've heard a lot of crazy names, but can not think of one right this minute.

Christy Brockman’s last blog post..Who's ya daddy?

Reply April 3, 2009

Seymour Colon.
Kermit Green.

Two customers of a bond brokerage where I once worked.

And supposedly a friend of mine went to school with Seymour Heine, whose parents were immigrants, and so ignorant of what they'd done. But I don't know, that one's too good to believe.

Reply April 4, 2009

There is apparently a new extreme sport with at least one local follower: mountain unicycling. I was on the Lake Fayetteville trail and saw a precarious vertical person bobbing towards me, then realized he was on a unicycle on a back-woods trail! Who does that?? At least he had a gallant "Excuse me" as he wheeled past.

melody’s last blog post..independence and tragedy

Teela Young
Reply April 4, 2009

Hey Amber. Hope to meet you someday. I'm Jonathan's mom. I remember kids singing the John Jacob Jinger-Heimer Schmidt song, but that's not where we got his name. Jonathan after his paw paw John (my dad and greatest soul-winner I've known, now in glory) and Jacob (after Ron's grand-pa Jacob Young, who NEVER said a bad word about anyone and is also in glory) Great expectations placed on Jonathan, huh? I'm proud of my son. I'm grateful for the time that you and Seth are investing in Jonathan's life. Thank you.

Reply April 4, 2009

True story: a Paraguaian lady married an American and moved to the U.S. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to her first born: a girl. She called her Female (she pronounced it Fem-AH-lee). When asked where she got the name, she said she was so pleased that the hospital named her for them. She said, "the sign on the bassinet said, "Female" and I thought it was beautiful!"

I wonder how long it took her to realize the sign was telling the gender!

Amy’s last blog post..little boys and easter eggs

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