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And now for my adorable children

sweet angel

Kramer wakes up

sweet lips

Today we’re posting the funniest pictures from our computers. You may not be slapping your knee about these pictures, but I am. Sometimes being a kid ain’t pretty.

Share a link to your funny pictures in the comments, and please do grab that cutish button in the sidebar and link in to theRunaMuck. 



Today The Mother Letter Project is launching 10 on 10 (#10on10 for you Twitterers). Our aim is to encourage you to give $10 today to Compassion International’s Malaria Intervention Fund. April is Malaria Awareness Month, and all you need to give to save a life is $10, and we think that the 10th of April, TODAY, is the perfect day to do it. Read Seth @ the Mother Letter write about 10 on 10 here.

PLEASE JOIN US. Gather your children, and ask them what they can give up this month so that they can be the ones giving. A life is worth far more. This is the good news.

You can also join in by  following @motherletter, @amberrunsamuck, and @pensieverobin on Twitter.  The hashtag to play along and to spread info is #10on10.

To hear more about this project, join us today with Extraordinary Mommy and Josh Unfried on the MomFaves – WhyMomsMatter Blog Talk Radio at 12:30PDT/2:30CDT

It would be awesome encouragement, too, to hear that you’ve been able to give and to hear stories of how you got your family involved. PEACE PEACE PEACE AND REST. Thank you.



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Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light
Reply April 10, 2009

Cute pics....I'll have to post the one I was going to do today next Friday!

I plan to tweet about the 10on10 project today (and to give, too)....Awesome!

Happy Easter, friend!

    Reply April 10, 2009

    Megan, we can always count on you. Thank you, friend. I would love to see your picture.

Reply April 10, 2009

yours are all so cute-can't decide which is my favorite. (did you notice the escapee in the background of the first photo? :) posted mine at my blog. have a great friday and good luck with the 10 on 10.

patty’s last blog post..fuNnY fAcEs :)

Reply April 10, 2009

If you join the 10 on 10 party and donate, please jump over to and let us know!

Thanks, so much. Any friend of the runamuck is a friend of mine!

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect
Reply April 10, 2009

Here are my funny pics of my kiddo:

She will be so happy to see these in about 12 years, I'm sure. :)

Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect’s last blog post..Stellan, Audrey and Maddie

Lora Lynn
Reply April 10, 2009

Those pics are priceless. Aren't little boys the coolest? We donated today. Y'all keep up the inspiring work!

Lora Lynn’s last blog post..In Which We Single-Handedly Save The Herd

Reply April 10, 2009

A funny Friday is a Good Friday! Thanks for sharing those funny faces, inviting us to do the same,
and for encouraging us to share the wealth.

Leslie’s last blog, sleep, play

Reply April 10, 2009

Those are some funny photos.... Mine are up!

Rachel’s last blog post..Friday Funnies - Picture Edition...

Reply April 10, 2009

Here's my link:

Your kids are absolutely adorable. I love all three pictures. Kids are so great.

BlueCastle’s last blog post..Friday Funny - Fotos

Reply April 10, 2009

Amber -

First; Really enjoy your blog.

Second: Thank you for the opportunity to donate to Compassion.

Third: I tried to 'ReTweet Your Tweet', but really have no clue how to ReTweet.

In your spare time could you either e-mail tips or a site where I can get familiar with all Twitter's acronyms, functions OR just follow me on Twitter + give a mini-tutorial on "How To ReTweet" ?

Thanks Amber!
Wishing You + Your Family A Blessed Easter!

Reply April 10, 2009

Twitter - dslak

Reply April 10, 2009

Okay, so I'm really posting late this week, but I still got it up.:]

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