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Lora Lynn
Reply May 20, 2009

I LOVE that Miss Piggy cup. When I was growing up, I had Kermit sheets and a Miss Piggy comforter. My mom STILL won't let me have those Kermit sheets. And I WANT THEM BAD.

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Reply May 21, 2009

Miss Piggy is adorable! It's so nice to have things like that that we love and enjoy. :)

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Reply May 22, 2009

Love the glass and if it means I will get to see you then you can come hold my baby boy if he ever gets here :) ANYTIME you want to. :)

Reply May 22, 2009

PS. That is a great picture of your mama and daddy. They look so cute and happy.

Reply May 22, 2009

My favorite fresh flowers are always housed in glasses and pitchers, I have just always loved the homey way it looks and feels. Loved the new pictures!

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