why the storm doesn’t scare

My children sleep with their legs tucked like frogs
and their mouths pulled into suck-shape,
as if the womb and the breast
weren’t imagined galaxies ago,
as if there were good memories
from the pink skin-lights,
the daddy booms, the spicy
thai peppers and the rumbles thereafter.

They yield to blanket silk,
curl tight within, and dream,
drift at sea and storms don’t wake.

Far away, above and below,
inside the cup of the most inside ear,
I am singing.

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Reply June 12, 2009

thanks for this... you gift

Adventures In Babywearing
Reply June 12, 2009


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Reply June 12, 2009

What nice thoughts. Could I come rest in your brain for awhile?

Reply June 13, 2009


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Sarah Bessey
Reply June 13, 2009

This is beautiful, just beautiful. I hope you don't mind but i posted it on my blog (with credit to you, of course!) because I found it so moving. I'm a reader that came over with the Mother Letter Project but have stayed because of how much I enjoy your writing. I may not comment often but thanks for writing!

Reply June 13, 2009

Your words almost always put some kind of lump in my throat. So glad to have you 'back', here and there. You have a great gift, and a lovely spirit.

Ann Voskamp
Reply June 16, 2009

write... yes, write.

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Reply June 17, 2009

you help me remember the poet inside me... beautifully written...

Kelly’s last blog post..A Sweet Surprise

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