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Seth reminded me yesterday in a comment on my flying monkeys post that I had seen a monkey a few years ago here in our back yard in Arkansas. He didn’t remind me that I thought I saw a monkey. I’m telling you – THERE WAS A MONKEY! swinging from his tail in one tree, and then he flicked into another tree. I saw it with my own eyes. 

I called Seth and then my Daddy. My daddy has actually written me a poem about Arkansas monkeys since. He said it could have been a really large squirrel. Well, I’ve been living amongst squirrels for nearly thirty years. I know what a squirrel looks like. Somebody, I tell you, lost his monkey, and that monkey swung through the woods in my back yard. 

The end.
Let us know in the comments if you have a funny post, and you can copy this colorful button and link back here if you would like. I know we could all use a laugh. I could after everybody keeps making fun of me. It wasn’t my fault that I saw a monkey.

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A random feller
Reply June 26, 2009

Although this is somewhat anonymous, and I'm not trying to hijack anyone's site, I must say that this week I was turned on to a rather funny post, albeit filled with much profaning and blue-collar-bar-worthy utterances. I was told it was not appropriate for Baptists to be fans of this blog, so I promptly visited and laughed my ever-loving head off. As my contribution to your wonderful blog, Amber, I'll leave the link.


Happy Friday funny, and please, if you are easily offended by language, DO NOT VISIT the above site. Otherwise, it's pretty much above board and talks about Chebacca dying and what could be funnier than that?

    Reply June 26, 2009

    that is the funniest blog post ever

Reply June 26, 2009

A real monkey? My kids would have died. How funny. :)

Here's my contribution:


Now I'm off to check out that link above me.

BlueCastle’s last blog post..Friday Funny

Reply June 26, 2009

now that sounds like one of my unsure childhood memories. i have no contribution though the way my week is going i better laugh or i will cry.

melissa’s last blog post..Master bedroom

Reply June 26, 2009

When was about 10, living in a built-up suburb in Ohio, I saw a peacock--full on feathers flashing yada yada--in our backyard. I called all my siblings to come to the window and look, I yelled to my mother. I told everyone. But alas, it was gone, and no one but me saw the peacock that day. But IT WAS THERE I TELL YOU.
It wasn't until my late 20s that it came to be known that there was some kind of exotic animals farm within peacock-walking (or flying--do they even fly??) distance, and totally probable that it could've escaped.
And that is why I totally believe you saw a monkey.

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post..Prodigal June

Reply June 26, 2009

The only monkeys I've seen in real life - other than the zoo, of course - are those really big mean ones in India. You know, the ones that don't care that they're walking on the broken glass on walls that are supposed to keep them off.

Yeah. Them.

I'm glad you have a funny monkey story that doesn't involve broken glass or taunting or stealing food.

brittney’s last blog post..The Modalism Heresy and H2O

Reply June 26, 2009

i loved the monkey story. that's all i'm sayin'.

http://blessedmoon.squarespace.com for my wild animal life...

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Lora Lynn
Reply June 26, 2009

I'm still deciding if I think this is funny or not:

But I've got another one for you. I had the baby in the car with me and I was listening to the radio. Of course, they've been playing nothing but Michael Jackson songs all day. Somewhere in the middle of "Beat It," Michael said, "Woo-hoo."

Willa giggled and then responded with a "Woooo!" squeal of her own.

She's not even 7 months old and already she knows how to appreciate a good "woo!"

Lora Lynn’s last blog post..Manana (Imagine a Tilde Over That First “N”)

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