my Spanish vocabulary and another use for duct tape

ff2 I know I’m late on this. We’re in the great sweltering state of Louisiana with dried up pool skin and squinky red eyeballs. It’s awesome. If you want to follow me on twitter, I’ll give you a little bayou tour starting in a few hours. 

Now that I’m resting at a computer with wireless internet, I’ll let you in on the thing that made me giggle today.

Uncle Jim is just a party, whose rough exterior has never fooled me. Lately he’s had a few back problems, and apparently he has a little electrical device he attaches there that gives him some pain relief. Today he’s hurting, but he ran out of the medical petroleum jelly and the medical tape he must have to attach the device. 

You’ve heard that saying that duct tape is good for everything? Well, today Jim has duct tape on his back; and, instead of petroleum jelly, what else would one use but KY?

Now that I’ve typed this, and I’m realizing that I’m going to have to use “KY” as one of the keywords in my blog’s SEO package, I feel like saying that I love Jesus.  

Another funny thing I’ve been thinking about is the word “tortilla.” I’m from the South, and in some ways I really do have my own language. Slowly but surely I’m learning how regular people talk. Let me not sound uneducated here. I’ve picked up a fine education. It’s not that. I just say what I hear, and in some cases I say certain words how I read them, especially if I haven’t heard them spoken.

About a year after Seth and I were married, we were driving through Tulsa, and I got the hankering for some tortilla chips, so when I said, “I’m craving tortilliya chips,” Seth said, “What!?”

I repeated: “I’m craving torteeleah chips!” 

He smiled, took a breath, and kindly said, “Amber, why don’t you spell that word for me?” 

So I did.” T-O-R-T-I-L-L-A …. Oh. (This is where you should hear my squealy freak-out voice) Oh My Goodness! I’ve taken four years of Spanish, and never once did I realize how wrong I was saying that word!” 

Are there any words you’ve said regularly that Low and Behold were just completely ill said?

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Reply July 3, 2009

reminds me of a conversation in the kitchen this week. We have been asked to cater a few multi-day events; one can grow weary of soup and salad 4 days in a row. So I challenged the team to come up with something new - which started as a fried burrito, not world garden worthy, then they hit it - a veggy quesadilla (funny #1 since I can spell but not pronounce), and then the name veggydilla (funny #2 if you try to pronounce it) sounds like one a godzilla movies from the 70s, but it tastes good.

Reply July 3, 2009

I can say this about my husband because I am almost certain he won't read it. He's a CNA (well, I mean, he's certified, although he doesn't work in a hospital right now) and one time (when he did work in a hospital) he was telling his sister and myself a story from his day's work. Well, being from the Southern state of "KY" (OKAY, I HAD TO DO THAT!) he very accidentally spoke the word "sterile" as "ST-R-L" or something so bad to the affect that I can't even spell it out phonically. (This coming from a man who is constantly asked if he's from New York because he physically taught himself not to sound like he was from Eastern Kentucky when he was growing up.) Needless to say, we still tease him about it to this day.:]

brittney’s last blog post..Would You do this?

Reply July 3, 2009

Matter of fact, I think I am going to go tease him about it now. Thanks!

brittney’s last blog post..Would You do this?

Sarah Markley
Reply July 3, 2009

growing up in Southern California we laugh at how people in other parts of the country pronounce spanish words.

not really.

but i've never not once mispronounced torteeeya. =)

(hopped over from the reveal page)

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light
Reply July 3, 2009

Very funny, and I can totally relate. I never took Spanish (Latin was my language in high school, and it hasn't come in too handy!), but could use it almost every day in my work as a Labor and Delivery nurse! We have a large hispanic population, and my spanish vocabulary consists of the spanish versions of:

Counting to Ten
Breathe Hard

I butcher every single one, every single time. Thankfully, oxytocin has a natural amnesia effect....maybe they don't remember my horrible translations!

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light’s last blog post..Oprah?

Reply July 3, 2009

my funny:
i took Miles for a walk and now he is not content unless he is less than 5 inches from my body at all times. he'd be better company if he had one of those talking collars from the movie Up.
schnauze on, schnauzer!

melody’s last blog post..fear is a deer

Reply July 4, 2009

Hmm, yes, mine was "facade". I was in an impassioned speech about how so and so's actions ruined the facade (fah-cayd) his family had so carefully constructed, and my friend just looked at me - and suddenly I realized, oh, is that how "fah-sahd" is spelled?!

Kara’s last blog post..Independence Day

Reply July 5, 2009

The phrase I've had wrong for YEARS was "all intents and purposes". I had probably typed in dozens of business emails-- "all intensive purposes". My boss pointed it out to me after years of misuse and took me down on a notch on the brilliant-meter.

But along the lines of tortillas....when I worked at Mickey D's and they came out with the Fajitas (I could've predicted that was not their brightest product move!), we'd have people come up to the counter and ask for, "one of them there fajetty thingies." Other pronunciations included: "fajeegas", and "fiestas". I didn't mind though, because I desperately needed reasons to laugh while I was working there!

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post..Stories In My Pocket: Hope Compacted

Reply July 5, 2009

I cannot say crayon. There. I've come clean. The burden is lifted. I naturally say cron. I don't know why. Even though I do not say "cron" anymore, my daughter does say it, so I guess it's genetic. And even though I do not say "cron," I cannot say crayon correctly, so I try to avoid the word all together. I usually substitute something like, "colors."

Something else funny is that my wife used to work at a newspaper and people would call all the time wanting there prescription renewed. Then she worked as a pharmacy tech for awhile and people would come in all the time wanting there subscription filled. If you don't see the problem with that, then don't worry - you are probably in the majority.

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