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Today is the day that I begin something new, and I’m excited to share it here today and then again every Thursday. (Yes, I know today is not Thursday.) It’s Friday and my little funny for the day is going to link again to Chatting at the Sky. Emily, the giggly Nester, and I sat on a bed talking bloggy-land at the Blissdom Conference. I was trying to explain how my blog tends to feel heavy and that I try to use Fridays to lighten it up. 

Emily bursts out with, “What do you call it – Funny Fridays?,” poking a little fun at the opportunity to use day-of-the-week alliteration. And if you can imagine the silliest two sisters you’ve ever seen, they rip-roared, and so did I because then my response had to be, ” No. It’s Friday Funnies!” I thought they were going to quit breathing.


I understand that this may not be a funny read. You had to be there. And this is why I have to retire the funnies. I am very, very rarely funny on purpose. I have to use all my muscles to be intentionally funny. But let me to you, though, people laugh at me all the time. Funny oozes out when I’m not looking – usually when I’m talking down my gown at the nurse’s station and stuff like that. 

So without any further delay, I present to you … THESAURUS THURSDAY!!!! Just kidding. 

I’ve decided to give weekly linklove, Plugs and Laudations, to some of my favorite people, things, products, blogs, and videos – to really anything I want. I might even theme it from time to time. I could ask about your favorite inspirational people and materials, and you might link to My Utmost for His Highest and talk about Oswald Chambers and his awesome blog devotionals. 

Most of the time, I’ll just be encouraging you to look around and recognize all the jobs well done, be it toward a crayon manufacturer or be it your best friend who brought you a cup of coffee. Take a picture of your baby’s lips and laud the Creator for His design. Are you having a hard time not watching a youTube video? If it’s one of your favorites, link up. Give it a Plug and Laudation. Let’s eulogize the ones who encourage us to live better, the ones who make us laugh, the ones who make us want to be more creative, or the ones who help us keep a better house. 

I’m excited to share my first Plugs. I’m excited to show you pictures. I’m excited to practice the gift of encouragement. How about you? I’ll have it ready for you to link up by Wednesday night.

And for today, if you have a friday funny, go ahead and let us know in the comments. Please someone use that cute little button one more time!

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Reply July 10, 2009

How's this for weird. I've got nothing for Friday Funnies (which used to be the only kind of thing I ever chimed in on). But my last post was a roundabout plug (and laudation). A concept which I love by the way.

And you should never feel you need to lighten it up. Because you bring the lightest most beautiful kindof heavy that ever lived in all of bloggyland.

That is all.

Jo@Mylestones’s last blog post..In Search of It

Reply July 10, 2009

Girl, you are the cutest thing EVAH.

Between you and Robin, I think Emily and I were laughing the entire weekend. You are actually extremely funny! Thesauras Thursdays! I am gonna laugh at that one all day. I might even have to call Em so we can laugh together...

And who needs to have a funny friday when they can write every day of the week like you?

Nester’s last blog post..Price My Space:: Living Room Part 1

Reply July 10, 2009

I have to say I did laugh out loud. I can just picture you at the computer trying to think of something funny when all you want to write about it deeper more important things. This is why we love you! Love the new idea!

Cassie’s last blog post..The Y Generation

Reply July 10, 2009

I am kind of sad to see Friday Funnies retired, but I do second what Jo says about how you bring the most beautiful heaviness in your writing. (I wish I could've said that as well as she did. She put it perfectly.)

Here is my final contribution:

I look forward to your Thursday Thesaurus. (It took me 2 minutes just to spell it, I'm such a dork)

BlueCastle’s last blog post..The Man Turns 36 And Gets A Funny Birthday Card

Reply July 10, 2009

This is my first time to your blog, love this post. Friday Funnies?! Oh gosh not sure I have any but I do think it's a great idea and had a smirk while reading your post! Nice to meet you and your blog!

Brandy’s last blog post..Brotherly Love

Reply July 10, 2009

ok I gotta admit I'm kinda bummed. I always find your friday funnies very funny. plus when I'm reading through my blog reader and I see "Friday Funnies" I think to myself... "hey, self, it' friday and that's always worth a smile" (perhaps not in that exact wording, but the basic idea anyhow)

goodbye FFs... I'll miss you.

henny’s last blog post..he didn’t call

Reply July 10, 2009

Aw, I'll miss the Friday Funnies...but I'm really looking forward to this new endeavor!

brittney’s last blog post..Food, Inc.

Reply July 10, 2009

You are being featured on Five Star Friday —

Reply July 10, 2009

this is a great idea!

melissa’s last blog post..I have a piano in my entry way

Reply July 10, 2009

I'm game for whatever you're bringin' susta. So, bring it.

Loved our time today with the boys today, on our new adventure. I've been picturing them walking slowly down the classroom with caps on their heads all day. Can't wait for the next'n.

P.S. She's lying y'all. She IS funny in real life.

Milton’s last blog post..Aw Man!

Reply July 13, 2009

I'm late to seeing fabulously awesome. And no one would guess from your post here how delightfully funny you are in real life.

emily’s last blog post..moments

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