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turbo turtle and a toddlerWhen my Ian turned one, we bought him the Radio Flyer Turbo Turtle, and like any Radio Flyer product we’ve used, we’ve enjoyed it so, and I’ve never been mad at it – not even once at its strange turtle voice or its fast scramming sounds. Because we have hard-surface floors, and the wheels spin 360 squealing degrees, and the turtle has a basket for all kinds of things like the remote control, my cell phone, and secret stashes of craisins and milky sippy cups, this toy is absolutely his favorite. I highly recommend this as “the big gift” for your 1.5 to 3 year old, and I give it 5 out of 5 better-than-sock slides on the dining room floor.

malo ga kujilana I’m obsessed with The Kujilana Project. Seth and I are obsessed.  It’s a world away. It’s new non-fiction in the voice of a historically mute people. The Kujilana Project   I highly recommend your supporting The Kujilana Project. It is art. It is planting seeds. It is medicine and food. It is Gospel.  Check out their blog. I give it 5 out of 5 video cameras in the narrative hands of an empowered Yao.
Now watch this Good Be Tanyas video of “Human Thing.” You’ve got to watch it till the end. It gets me right in the throat with one of those fat teary smiles. Lawsy, I give it 5 created, wide sassy hips out of 5.

Does your post Plug or Laud something or someone great today (Thursday)? Look around and recognize all the jobs well done. Let’s eulogize the ones who encourage us to live better, the ones who make us laugh, the ones who make us want to be more creative, or the ones who help us keep a better house. It can be technical, personal, spiritual, or material. Let’s practice the gift of encouragement together and at the same time let each other in on the things that make us tick.

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Reply July 15, 2009

Eulogize. It's not just for the dead, you know.

Reply July 15, 2009

i'm so sorry but this makes me think of plugged ducts and lactation. probably just because i'm breastfeeding. but i laughed and you say you're not funny.

melissa’s last blog post..Using your camera without reading the manual part 1

    Reply July 16, 2009

    Melissa, for some reason "Plugs and Laudations" is hilarious to me, too, but I never thought of breast-feeding. It sounds so front-porch southern to me, but now it sounds so engorged.

Reply July 16, 2009

Amber, I stole Human Thing from ya for Facebook brought me to tears this mornin. You got roots cannot be torn from under.....

Reply July 16, 2009

I totally forgot about this:

If you have just a simple thing that you love, please link up at Diaper Diaries. She's great and already has a great thing going.

I'm going to keep this thing up, and you can join me if you would like, especially in coming weeks when you actually know about it. I may lean away from the things side of it.

I want The Diaper Diaries with Things I Love Thursdays to have a long, long MckLinky list!

Autumn Brown
Reply July 16, 2009

Amber! I love me some Be Good Tanyas! One of my favorite CDs and I would say my favorite song but I "rocked" out to it all! It is lost though. Didn't make the move with us. I think it wanted to stay at the Big Yellow House on Greenwood Ave. I will just have to get another one...soon...once Jason gets paid. :) Thank you for reminding me of old friends. It's funny how lost your "loves" get when you try and culture yourself. Sometimes I drift so far away.

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