lauding the lovely – plugs from the pleased

I plug a movie trailer that actually makes me cry (the music, too).

I plug the amazing in-laws who take my boys fishing.

Isaac and a brim

Also, our friends whose wedding we were in last weekend have moved into our Love Shack right behind us, so when they returned from their honeymoon, we were here to greet them.

We snapped into Celebration Mode. We pulled out the stemmed glasses. Seth whipped up some eggplant parmesan, and we turned up the music.

We covered our blessings. We retold stories we all knew well. We needed to hear each other say it: I love you. We are blessed. We are going to be loyal and take care of one another.

We moved to the living room and took our glasses, and then we talked about babies and the beauty in death. We cried a little. 

There is a time to properly celebrate, and last night we were good at it. I laud the Father of the Banqueting Table, for marriage and for friendship.


Have you something to plug or laud? Tell us about it in the comments, or you can use that happy flower button code in the sidebar, write a post and link back here. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments so we can check out your favorite happies.

Oh, and come back this evening. There’s another post a brewing.

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Reply July 23, 2009

I plug and laud you, sweet Amber--you and your glorious words that are other-worldly...slipping down from heaven through your fingers onto these pages. We taste a little of somewhere else here--somewhere good, and right, and beautiful. Thank you.
I also laud coffee and chocolate...but I'm not plugging them because I don't much feel like sharing either one this early in the morning.

Reply July 23, 2009

Remain grounded in His love and allow your marriage to be beacon of light to those who are struggling.

Isn't it nice to count our blessings? They make such a very large pile!

Ashley Haguewood
Reply July 23, 2009

I am looking forward to spending time with you tomorrow. Thank you for how you have indirectly and directly pointed me to the Father.

Lora Lynn
Reply July 23, 2009

I had to make a list for myself of praiseworthy thoughts to keep it together yesterday. Just so happens, it goes along nicely with your theme.

Reply July 23, 2009

I've been reading for a while - Emily from Chatting at the Sky pointed the way. I've yet to leave word of my love for your writing, but today the Wild Things trailer compels this wallflower to leave her corner. Hubby and I saw a movie recently and these 2:00 minutes stayed with me long after we walked out of theater. Thank you for plugging it!

Reply July 23, 2009

i'm happy my son's head wound did not need stitches and that my aunt was here to handle the scary blood. i'm thankful i have 3 girls and 1 boy instead of the other way around. boys and their dare devil ways make me nervous.

Reply July 23, 2009

you'd better look out for love.
arcade fire makes me so stinkin' happy. i'm so glad they used them for that trailer.

Jane Anne
Reply July 23, 2009

Enjoyed your words and the pictures. I will have to come back to watch the video. I made my list of Thanks list today on my blog. There isn't much that tops filling your heart with gratitude.

Reply July 23, 2009

Yessss...I saw that trailer this past Sunday. How exciting!

And WOW, your little boy is growing up! I think I said that recently, but I'm still amazed at how fast they grow!

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