I’ve been the graceless lady

It’s Saturday morning and raining some Forrest-Gump war rain, and I’m listening to The Sundays. To this. Again. The Rainy-Day Old Trusty.

I’m grounding myself from the webernets for a few days – not saying I won’t tweet a time or two or comment on a blog or two, but my house is really a mess, and I started reading the best book of all time ever,To Kill a Mockingbird and I haven’t allowed myself to finish it, and I desperately need to re-adore my letters from The Mother Letter Project, and my family is driving up from Alabama, which is the best, most exciting thing ever, and I need to learn how to pray again. So … off I go to ask for wisdom and to find it. See you Wednesday or Thursday, and then on Saturday I’m going to let you in on some sweetness. 

Until then, if you need to learn about Southerness, Read HERE.

If you need to learn the beginnings of how to be a Lover, Read HERE.

And Quickly, Quickly! Enter to win some free coffee! Hello, people?! Don’t be shy. Should I have written a coffee narrative? Why are you reading and not entering?

Anyway, I love Boo Radley, and I love you (you know who you are) very much.


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Sarah Daigle Scott
Reply August 1, 2009

You go get 'em Scout!

Reply August 1, 2009

your posts are always very encouraging. and you lead us to read about good things. i like that. keep pointing us in lively directions, friend.

(i'm about to call your husband soon.)

Reply August 1, 2009

Oh, have a fun and lovely week/break!

Reply August 3, 2009

i did call your husband. it was a good time.

Reply August 3, 2009

Hey sweet friend. Thanks for the link love. Enjoy the sweet silence of offline life today.
(I just told Twitter I was gonna log off, and then I came here for one last dose before I go back to the breakfast dishes and grocery list making. I like it here way better than Twitter. But I really really need to go seize the day, or at least cooperate with it. I think the day has the upper hand at this point.)
Love you.

missy @ it's almost naptime
Reply August 9, 2009

Amber, I don't know how I don't know you. I should know you. We have many of the same friends on our blogroll. It's like when you see someone that went to your middle school and lived in your neighborhood and you bother majored in English at the same college and their sister dated your brother-in-law and you stare at them with your head cocked and think, how could we have never met before?

So, Hi. I'm Missy. Nice to meet you.

Reply August 11, 2009

I just read To Kill a Mockingbird this summer too.

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