Garrison Keillor for President

Fayetteville Farmer's MarketMy boys love to undo my shelves. I’ll find bent books and torn pages of poetry at random beneath the couch or stuffed in one of the old house nooks. I don’t know why they do it. I don’t know why they do a lot of things.

But today I was glad to accidentally step on a blue book, yellow font, Hayden Carruth, Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey, old friend. I picked it up, bent it back like fitting a cap for my head, and I flipped and soaked and smiled at dog-eared pages, the ones I shared with friends

I knew it was going to be a good day. A dear one emailed me a poem from today’s Writer’s Almanac. Dear Mercy Me, you might not get into poetry or the Minnesota poet voice, But GARRISON KEILLOR FOR PRESIDENT! – if you ask me. an eggplant, a bouquet, and a sunny day

Then, I took the boys to the market, and I promise that this day is perfect. Sometimes living in people skin feels so good.

The Red Hat Society



I always find the best things at the market! For one: The Red Hat Society, which I cannot wait to join. Seriously, y’all, when you’re old, you might not feel like climbing a mountain, but just LOOK at what you get to wear! And you’re wiser, too. These ladies oozed wise. One stranger walked up to them, not knowing of the society, and asked, “Where’s the party!?” They all giggled, and one lady replied, “We ARE the Party, and besides, it’s Tuesday!”

I want to be a grandma when I grow up. Don’t you?

Also, something else that is fun is this button 

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Reply September 1, 2009

I have been chomping at the bit to be a grandma for years! My boys have a similar obsession with unloading bookcases, it drives me crazy! And I love dahlia season at the market, they are so flamboyant! Have a sweet day, friend!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Reply September 1, 2009

"Sometimes living in people skin feels so good."

I love this line. There is so much truth to it, being out "in the masses" living life, instead of hiding at home, in comfy clothes, hair pulled back, teeth semi-brushed, y'know?

And of course I voted :)

Reply September 1, 2009

" Dear Mercy Me, you might not get into poetry or the Minnesota poet voice, But GARRISON KEILLOR FOR PRESIDENT! - if you ask me."

This made me grin from ear to ear :)

Reply September 1, 2009

Hey Amber
I love reading your posts. I always knew that you were going to be a awesome Mom. And you are! I love you! I miss you!
We are going to be making a trip to Alabama in March, Hopefully we can meet up!
Love, Amanda

Reply September 1, 2009

I love Garrison Keller too.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply September 1, 2009


Garrison Keillor knows how to pick the good ones, doesn't he?

I picked up a book of poetry by Minnesota poets on our Up North vacation a few weeks ago. I was overcome with their use of language. I'm actually hoping to share a few this coming week.

I wonder if it's something about the long, dark winters that breeds poetry? The beautiful side of evil.

Aunt Pam
Reply September 2, 2009

I can wait...I have a 16 year old that is dating...too seriously! heart says ...I can't wait...but my soul says... WAIT!!! LOL!!

I had a dream about you, Erin and the boys last night. Isaac was 11 yrs old, and all the other boys (Jude, Ian, and Ethan) were playing around him. I could see him so clearly. He was very mature and tall, and playing a guitar, and very well I for an 11 year old. He reminded me of Seth in his quiet mood, but still very much like his mother. The boys didn't know me that well. I was sad about that. I was talking to them, then I woke up.

I think of y'all often.

L.L. Barkat
Reply September 2, 2009

Gotta love the red hats!!

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