in my linen closet

in my linen closeta string with an old red button for the pull, necklace I wore to our rehearsal dinner, necklace given after we watched Grandma sigh away – lifting up like bubbles from a glass of champagne, brass hooks, stripped screws, white table cloth dotted with mysterious rust, the ladybugs, the pink knots of a sweater, the red lace trim, the flowers,

crushed velvet


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Reply September 12, 2009

looks like a baby girl is on the way!

Lora Lynn
Reply September 12, 2009

Makes me lactate just looking at it. Love those little lady bugs.

Reply September 13, 2009

No baby girl on the way yet. I'm just saving a few things for when she does get here.

Reply September 13, 2009

Faith hanging in a closet. I love it!

Reply September 13, 2009

It's beautiful even when it's still waiting.

Boy Crazy
Reply September 13, 2009

bet you're having fun getting some girly stuff ready after all those boys. :)

Reply September 13, 2009

Amber, you are in my heart and thoughts.

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