My Funny FAIL is Your Opportunity to SHINE

Today is the day you get to take control of Friday Funnies!

Come on, now. You’ve got to have some giggle worthy posts. Just put your link in the comments, and come back through the day to check out the links. If you don’t have a link, tell us a story in the comments. That’s when things get really funny to me.

As a matter of fact, if you see any post or YouTube video out there that is giggle worthy, please send it this way. Today it’s up to you!

Last week, Mylestones linked up, and, y’all, she’s funny. Add her to your readers.

*UPDATE!!!!!* Something very funny just happened!

Yesterday, I emailed Kelly @ Love Well, and then I had to send her another email to say sorry that I’m such a horrible phone TYPER. 

This morning, I checked my email, and this is how she responded: 

Can I tell you how much I chuckled at this line in the second e-mail? “I’m not a good phone Tyler.”

And please believe me, I laughed a companionable laugh. I’m a HORRIBLE phone Tyler. It’s one of the reasons I don’t Tweet much from the road. That little keyboard and those tiny buttons and the auto-incorrect feature — it’s enough to make me lose the tiny shred of sanity I have left.

NOW! You tell me what’s funny to You!

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Reply September 18, 2009

Here is something that makes me laugh EVERY TIME! :

    Reply September 18, 2009

    Whitney, this one is hilarious to me! Good job. Here's the second video to yours:

Reply September 18, 2009
Got a good laugh out of the description by the woot guys. Who doesn't like a little diaper humor to kick off their Friday?

Lora Lynn
Reply September 18, 2009

Other than anatomically correct gingerbread men, we didn't have many funnies this week.

But this guy has been crackin' me up:

Reply September 18, 2009

If you are not familiar with Trey Morgan I would encourage you to give him a read. But here is a funny from him...

Reply September 18, 2009

You've inspired me to share more beautiful anomalies (aka weird stuff we all manage to do). Hint: this week mine involved ripping a hole in my public. Yep, that's right.

Reply September 18, 2009

So nice to end the week with a bit of a giggle....

Here is a Youtube clip of some people in NZ ordering at is worth a look...

have a great weekend!!

Faith Barista | Bonnie
Reply September 18, 2009

Hi Amber, I'm happy to have stumbled on your Friday Funnies from Holley's blog.

I'll have to be back with a link of my own funny fumble, but for now, I wanted to share a TOTALLY hilarious youtube that made me fall off my chair:

Reply September 18, 2009

Amber, I thought your milk story from Twitter yesterday was funny too... you should detail it here! ;-)

    Reply September 18, 2009

    Good idea.

    So yesterday, in a busy busy Walmart, I dropped an entire gallon of milk that EXPLODED from the refrigerator section to the wall of candy 20 yards away. I'm talking - every ounce of the milk squirted as from a water gun.

    When the cleaning crew came up, I asked if I could help or if I needed to pay for it, and they said, "No. You've done enough!"


Reply September 18, 2009

Okay, so I might be biased, but I gave myself a giggle or three when I wrote the "Top Ten Signs You're Getting Older..."

Here's the link:

I'm so glad I found this site! I needed a laugh today.

Reply September 18, 2009

Amber. Dear dear Amber. Thanks for the link love. And for always laughing with me instead of at me.
I love you and all the words that come out of that writerly head of yours. And I don't even care if you're a bad phone tyler.

Reply September 18, 2009

The story of the first time I met my future mother in law - I can't believe they let me into the family!

Reply September 18, 2009

Today while making a flower delivery I didn't put the van all the way into park, so in neutral it rolled down the driveway and into the street as the neighbors screamed at me. I haven't blogged about it because I haven't decided whether my boss should know about this or not.

Now I'm going to go check some Friday Funny links!

Reply September 18, 2009

I know this is well viewed but it cracks me up every time!

Reply September 18, 2009

ok I'll try again

Norma Kate
Reply September 19, 2009

One morning I walked in the den and saw what looked like a piece of pale, carved wood under the coffee table. I picked it up and couldn't figure out what it was so I smelled it. Big mistake! It was a present the grandpuppy had left. I can never learn a lesson the first time though. I had been cleaning like crazy one day, vacuuming couches and everything. I was really surprised when I saw a piece of dog food on a couch the next morning. I picked it up, smelled it, and discovered it was another special present from Dudley. When will I learn not to automatically smell things I can't identify?

Reply September 21, 2009


That kid cracks me up - good video as well!:D

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply September 21, 2009

I'm still laughing at that one, too. Phone Tyler. Hee-hee.

Adventures In Babywearing
Reply September 30, 2009

I am so behind but this really made me laugh. Also, one time I emailed a friend from my iphone and told her I was JUST TIRED and she emailed back "what's Judy tired?" (thanks, iphone autocorrect) And I laughed so hard, it gave me the energy I needed to make it through that moment and now when I am REALLY tired I say I am Judy tired!


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