a beautiful life, slugs and all

This morning my sister called, and I immediately sang, “Happy Birthday!” She responded with, “Well, I was wondering when you were going to call and tell me!” Y’all. She is so funny, the one I call when my tummy hurts, always loves a good IBS report – the best sister in the world. Happy Birthday, Erin! 

sisters in the summer

Here’s a great picture of a picture of us in our sunglasses and bathing suits standing next to a canoe strapped to a truck, but I wish it were a picture of us that time it snowed and Kevin attached the canoe to his four wheeler and pulled us around. That was awesome.

pumpkin patchIt’s cold today. I can’t believe it’s cold. The fundraising pumpkins dot the church yard, the same as last year and the year before. The leaves have started putting on their makeup and waving their arms in such a harvest dance that I couldn’t help but pull out the ugly fleece penguin pants and stick my nose out the door a minute just to smell the change. Football season smells so good, a mixture of apple spices and turned-over dirt.

contemplative child practicing man voice

    The snotty babies, the great monster slugs, have taken over, and something stinks, and I can’t find it. Yesterday, we had a fun book to read, and I petered out with a sore throat, but we’ve had so much good lap-holding that I’ve smiled through a lot of this. 

 daddy teaching boys how to cookMy fine husband decided we needed chicken noodle soup, so rather than pouring in some store-bought broth, he made some home-made stock – the yummiest house perfume. He’s not good at halfway, and I like that.

seriously handsome

If you’ve called me or written me an email or commented on my blog, and I haven’t responded, please forgive me. Something has to go, and I wish it were the bad smell, but it’s not. In the meantime, which really isn’t all that mean, here is a picture of a seriosuly handsome child. Type-A Mom conference pics are coming soon.

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Reply October 5, 2009

yes, that is the smell of football season and i love it so much. and we left me smiling w/ memories of my sister and me on our childhood adventures.....beautiful.

Lora Lynn
Reply October 5, 2009

I love that phrase "he doesn't do things halfway." My hubby is the same way. We decided to punt dinner last night in favor of popcorn and milkshakes. But instead of just throwing ice cream and milk in a blender, he went all Bobby Flay on me and made these incredible mocha caramel milkshakes and blackberry cheesecake milkshakes. they were delicious, but we had to make chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, blackberry sauce... I looked at him and said, "So glad this was easier." He replied, "Quit ruining my fun."

And that was it. He was having fun. And he very sweetly cleaned up the kitchen afterward (have mercy, what is it about fall that makes the mystery smells appear?) and even gave me a milkshake, despite my complaints.

I gotta tell you, though. I like fresh chicken broth, but I hate the smell of chicken cooking. Hate it. I'd love to start the chicken to cook and then leave the house. But that would be un-fire marshally of me, wouldn't it?

To Think Is To Create
Reply October 5, 2009

Omg I have a smell I can't find either. Blarg.

They are so lovely, those boys of yours!

Reply October 5, 2009

I baked pumpkin bread this morning to try and get rid of that unknown smell... I'm sure it's from some leaves that were dragged in over the weekend that got hidden somewhere (at least I hope that's all it is!)

Love the pumpkin pictures!

Reply October 5, 2009

This post of yours has me all smiley. I'm sorry to hear you're sick of course, but you sound so light-hearted in the midst of it. And you carry the light-hearted tune so gracefully, like waving a feather just shy of our noses so we smile and laugh and maybe itch a little bit.
Feel better soon, friend.

Reply October 5, 2009

Every time I see a picture of Ian now, I hear in my head "R2D2?" Man I miss your family.

Also, we have a strange smell in our fridge that I've yet to discover. Sigh.

Reply October 5, 2009

"The leaves have started putting on their makeup"

^That made my day. :)

Reply October 5, 2009

I love you Amber! Thank you!

Traci Little
Reply October 5, 2009

You are so funny! Sisters are perfect for those "IBS reports"... you know, the thing you wouldn't tell anyone but your sister!

haha... so so true!

Reply October 5, 2009

Girl! I have some smell going on at my house too! Unfortunately I know what it its! :) I love your words. They bless me!

Boy Crazy
Reply October 5, 2009

I like seeing this side of you -- like Jo said. And honey, you live with a houseful of boys. We are just at the very beginning of funky smellin' homes. I have already written too many posts dedicated solely to the odors that waft from hidden places. Good luck finding yours, because they sure don't go away on their own.... ;)

Ok, just because I'm laughing at the memory of it, I have to share this story with you: http://clarity-chaos.blogspot.com/2009/05/funky-kitchen.html

Reply October 6, 2009

Sometimes, the reset button is so good for what gets posted. Treating my self to a little catching up today. So nice to find you here, scribbling about the mundane I've been living in too... That dailiness is profound sometimes, isn't it?

Aunt Pam
Reply October 6, 2009

Love that pic of a pic of you and Erin!!! ...always!!
I too love the sights and smell of fall...just being out doors!! AND FOOTBALL ~ Roll Tide!! :-) (Just had to put that in there!!) ...but the smells in the house is another thing! If you can't find it...Candles, candles, candles!!! :-)

Joy P
Reply October 6, 2009

Love everything about this post...except the part about you being sick :( Hope you feel better soon. I love your description of life, of nature, of your man and sons. It's all so beautiful.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
Reply October 6, 2009

Oh gosh, how I miss you! You paint the season so well, I love fall and all it's magnificent colors and smells and delicious cool breezes. I hope you throat is feeling better. Seth, you're awesome for making soup from scratch *respect knuckles*

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