a sister party and the prettiest giveaways

After yesterday’s post and all the comments, my love for you is straight gushy. It pleases me so much that the following giveaways go to my readers and to those of you willing to be a little uncomfortable for the sake of your friends. If you haven’t already signed up to have a little get together with your sisters, comment on The Sister Post, letting me know you’ll be having your in-the-skin friends around for some connection time. Plan to post about your gathering October 22-24, when you’ll enter your link into McLinky for a chance to win the following prizes!

Your choice of one print from (This Restless Heart) Kelly Sauer’s amazing photography – Check it out!

by Kelly Sauer from thisrestlessheart.com

Kitchen Goddess Halter Apron

An apron and these beautiful desk calendars from Ladybugs and Gentlemen. Jen’s work is always beautiful.Luminous Desktop Calendar Cards- 2010

The (In)courage shop’s exclusively designed Take Hope to Heart Necklace by Lisa Leonard.

The (In)courage shop’s Trees of the Forrest Handmade Tea Towel designed by The Pleated Poppy.

A $40 gift certificate to Back 40 Life’s amazing vinyl wall art.

Butterfly Floral Frames Vinyl Wall Decal

A shirt of your choice from The Rocking Pony. Y’all, these are precious.

Rock On, Girl

Today’s giveaway, Sincerely Yours‘ sparkly personalized notecards, goes to a Sister and to each person attending her Sister Party!

Congratulations (thank you random.org) to commenter #35, Ann Marie, who is having a “Survival Sisters Party” with Monica from Daily Dwelling to help them through their husbands’ deployment! Guys. That thrills me, and I’m pumped that you’ll have paper lovelies to share with your guests. What an honor to be a part of that.

Next week, there will be one more drawing from among these prizes, before the Sister Party posts begin on October 22. I can’t wait to read about your get-togethers and to begin the big giveaways. Next week, I’ll also reveal the art made exclusively for The Sister Party by Jennifer Ueckert from Studio JRU. You’re going to love it.

So, what’s stopping you from having a little girlfriend time? 

*Online sisters, what’s the thing going on in your life right now?

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Reply October 8, 2009

So excited! these are wonderful!

Margaret Roach
Reply October 8, 2009

Did somebody say *sisters*?

Boy Crazy
Reply October 8, 2009

I leave tomorrow to fly across the country to see my real baby sister and her new baby girl!!! I can't wait.

    Reply October 8, 2009

    That's awesome! I know how excited you are. My baby sister is having her second born on just a few weeks. I don't think I get to go, though, so love on her good. Have so much fun, friend.

Reply October 8, 2009

I am so excited to see all of these Sister Parties... and hear about them!! Because of you Amber, through your idea... joy is spreading! :)

the scooper
Reply October 8, 2009

Just have to say that it's been a few weeks since I've come over {out of the bloggy loop right now...home-schooling & children & home-keeping is on the demanding side these days} but I just have to say that I've so enjoyed catching up. Your writing is so very moving and captivating. I love every bit of it. This place is sort of like Cheers...I'm always glad I came.

To Think Is To Create
Reply October 9, 2009

Congrats to the winner!

I just realized today that I miss you. Will email, tout de suite.

Reply October 26, 2009

I hope that the "sister party" continues throughout... it is a pay if forward if you will...

If only the world would do this together.... for just one day... it would never stop...
keeping her fingers crossed..... just one day

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