Gutsy Girls: Covenant Keepers

word-of-testimonyI’ve thrown it right out there in public, confessions of some particularly ugly sins, those especially dealing with intimacy, a pregnancy out of wedlock, an abortion, the time I kissed a man who was not my husband, and though several have turned their heads and called me brave for the sharing, I am writing this with all the passion I can muster:  the bravest, the most courageous, the gutsiest girls of all are the ones who have remained faithful. 

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Reply October 10, 2009

Faithfully yours, friend!

Reply October 10, 2009

I love how you put this... "the way marriage reflects our relationship with the Lover of our souls"... that is a beautiful way to think about marriage!

just here
Reply October 10, 2009

Thanks for writing this. I'm not feeling so gutsy lately. I just feel... here. Not that I ever wanted my marriage to be here, and it wasn't by my choice, but by his. Thankfully our God just keeps giving me enough guts to get through each day... I know he has a hope and a future for me and mine.

Muthering Heights
Reply October 10, 2009

You have such a tremendous heart. I really mean that!

Reply October 10, 2009

Oh, (gulp) I am humbled by both yours and Ann's words. To find the holy in faithfulness...yes, to claw those scales from the eyes and see the new in the old--this is not for the wimpy. But too, as Ann says, to turn round about and chase after it? My heart is so glad for that kind of bravery.

A gentle squeeze,


Hillary@dark :: light
Reply October 10, 2009

For awhile now, I've lurked in your doorway--but this post compels me to step across the threshold. To have courage mixed with grace, to share words of heartache and pain, to let light shine on darkness, revealing, refining, restoring--you are a jewel-soul.

Kara Laney
Reply October 11, 2009

i'm so grateful to have a kindred spirit in you. i'm standing with you, even though i don't see you a lot. i'm believing with you for continued redemption of those things that have been stolen, lost, and broken. and i'm rejoicing with you in the amazing story Jesus is unfolding within you to be able to share with those for His glory.
i love you.

Reply October 12, 2009


Oh how I wished I knew you and could just talk to you on the phone. I understand. I am trying not to cry at work while reading your post.

I'll probably be digging into your blog really deep when I have more time later. But I know there is a definite reason why God led me to this post today.


Reply October 13, 2009

It's nice to actually have some honesty for once. Thank you for sharing your heart!

Reply October 13, 2009

I've had my not-so-gutsy moments, when fear consumed my sight; moving on with only blind courage. I read through your love storys today....found (in)couragement that was needed...very hopeful, thanks.

Milo Draper
Reply December 21, 2015

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