some sunday sweetness

Y’all, I’m really excited about this beautiful piece of art made expecially for our Sister Party Giveaway next weekend by Jennifer Ueckert from Studio JRU.

It’s double-sided. I just wanted you to see it.

Bring Home Baby Adoption FundraiserI also wanted to let you in on another thing I think is sweet sweet sweet. Susie from Susie Here Only  has recently announced an Art Sale Adoption Fundraiser, and I really wanted to help her spread the word. It’s almost Christmas time, so I was hoping you might be interested in the pieces from her precious Etsy shop. She’s really wanting to bring her baby home. IMAGINE! 

See you in the morning with another Rock Home Companion. Until then, I’m holding my growing babies. I can’t seem to get enough of them. Today, Ian smelled like caramel for no good reason, so I’ve just kept my nose to his face. I’m starting to like these kids a lot more than I ever thought I would, and yes, I know that is a strange thing to say. I have always loved my kids, but lately, I’ve really enjoyed giving them my attention, and it’s freeing.

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Reply October 18, 2009

Ohhh, I adore the artwork from Susie! Thanks for sharing, and what a lovely idea! I think she may have our business this winter when we find out the gender of our sweet babe. I'm all into the idea of having his/her name in the nursery, and this would be such a lovely addition!

I am looking forward to your Monday post, but not too soon, so you can spend your sweet time with your precious boys!

Reply October 18, 2009

I understand how the liking of the babes grows as they do...

It's so neat to watch them grow into themselves.

Reply October 18, 2009

Amber, you are too kind! Thank you.

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light
Reply October 18, 2009

I get that liking thing. Lately, I'm in like like never before....

Reply October 19, 2009

I am clinging too, to my little one who is suddenly running around, talking in phrases and asking questions, being polite and pleading and sweet and horrid and taller than I remember her growing. I stop to breathe her in and hope for a rare moment of still with her, that she'll notice how much I love her.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with yours... :-)

To Think Is To Create
Reply October 19, 2009

It's not strange at all, I feel as though I've been liking mine a lot more lately too. xoxo

Reply October 19, 2009

Been thinking about the whole liking my kids thing. It inspired a post ( Thanks for the thoughts!

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