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bugs in the leavesAll they need is story, so they roll in the yard, in the sun spreading out a blanket, and they play bugs, hiding in the thousand shadows of dry leaves.


Their climbing tree stands naked as if to have shaken out of a yellow dress. Yellow everywhere. Velvet.

Autumn and the dragon in the tree

All they need is a tree and a wheel barrel full of fall tea, and then it’s a good day. We don’t know about tomorrow, only a dinosaur, the Harley Davidson clearing its throat.

They spin around and around and around. They don’t know about tomorrow.  I hear their voices, and we’re happy.
The Sun Magazine


Sometimes I need help entering in, so when I see the upward curl of the magazine in the mailbox, my heart gets loud in my ears.

I stand in the road nervous at the beautiful cover photography. I flip until the poetry. I read it in the yard. Every time.


Daddy and the sweetest snot monsterDaddy comes home and pulls the knot of his tie, finds the cotton, the jeans, the baseball cap. It’s hard to enter in, to remember the story, Rescue and Redemption. He’s been craving the water, the flash of rainbow, the fish, and the whip of line. 

Today, we have these babies.

Today, we try to pray like a child.

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the other Seth
Reply November 9, 2009

wow... beautiful, Amber. Enjoying getting to know your husband, and look forward to hanging out as families sometime.

Boy Crazy (@claritychaos)
Reply November 9, 2009

Oh, Amber. The flash of the rainbow - my husband dreams of this and the browns and the steelhead - oh the steelhead! ;)

I don't know if this is where you going with this, but this post resonated with my pull - with our pull, my husband's and mine - to reconcile our need for our art, our interests, our fulfilling activities with our present reality of raising three little boys.

'Today, we have these babies.' You are right. And we work on being present in their realities (and imaginary worlds) every day. But the pull is still there, isn't it?

Reply November 9, 2009

*standing up at my computer screen and clapping*

This is just beautiful. Thank you.

Reply November 9, 2009

Oh I like this! It's just like being there with you!

Reply November 9, 2009

I'm doing what Megan's doing. I just love you.

Baby Mama
Reply November 9, 2009

Just BEAUTIFUL. I enjoy your blog so much.

can i ask, just as a side note, where you purchased your domain? I love the look of your comment section and am wondering how to do it myself.

Reply November 9, 2009

This yells and screams to me - your words are lovely!

To Think Is To Create
Reply November 10, 2009

How is it that you know just the words I need to hear at the exact moments I need them? I feel as though these words seep in like velvet under my skin and remind me it will be ok.

Reply November 10, 2009

Your family is gorgeous.

Reply November 11, 2009

So good to see The Sun shining back home...

Yes, suck the very marrow itself out of these halcyon days, for they are good, and a river runs through them...

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