sailor’s delight and a classy date night, a rock home companion

sailors' delightOutside the rock house this week, a deer in the field, the air went from hot and windy to wet and cold, and in between, pinned up like a God poster, what delights the sailor.anniversary flowers

I had written about the anniversary night I expected to wear pantyhose at a frou frou town event, but behold, Seth got out of it and came home with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I put on my red high heels, and we went to our favorite restaurant and spent a couple of hours eating and drinking, making faces and laughing. He’s my best friend.










As we carved our spoons into the flourless chocolate cake, so decadently rich, we, engaged in intellectual conversation, somehow got on the topic of tatoos.

I find out that after 10 years Seth never knew what I thought about tatoos. So then …

classy out the window

I got a tattoo, and to beat all, I really really LOVE IT, and yes, right now it’s a tiny star that will one day be a galaxy that runs down my arm. That’s a joke, but oh the places that little star will go.



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Reply November 16, 2009

That is quite possibly the coolest tattoo idea I've ever seen. And the photo of sailor's delight is delightful.

To Think Is To Create
Reply November 16, 2009

Oh, love. So pleased the day turned out better than expected. Best friends always come through. :)

That tattoo, so much love in such a tiny star. So much future, hope, redemption. So much.

Reply November 16, 2009

Love the tattoo. I always think I'm just gonna pull my big SUV over to that castle looking place and march right in and get it done. But I want it to mean something. Something so perfect. Yours is perfect. I love it.

Reply November 16, 2009

Sara, I totally went to the tatoo castle, which is hilarious because it's Isaac's dream to go there - bc he thinks it's an actual castle.

Reply November 16, 2009

what a beautiful idea! when I lost a baby too unexpectedly to handle, I had his name hennaed on my belly, so I could watch it fade, and have some time to let him go. Markings can me important.... makes me want to go get one for my Rwandan bundle right now!

Reply November 16, 2009

A great night, indeed! I got my first tattoo with my son when he went to get one on his 18th birthday. I was 42. It means much to me to have shared that with him.

Your star is spectacular!

Lora Lynn
Reply November 16, 2009

You are the coolest mama ever. What a fantastic idea. I don't think I've ever wanted a tattoo until right this very second.

So glad your anniversary exceeded your expectations!

Reply November 16, 2009

I love your star! So beautiful and full of hope.

What a wonderful anniversary!

Reply November 16, 2009

i love that you got a tattoo. this is monumental. this is a day to mark on the calendar. my arm skins are itching. i've had the designs drawn for two years, and i am only just now coming across the money for them.

i am stoked for you to have sleeves.

    Reply November 16, 2009

    HAMSTER!!!!!! I thought you would be proud.

Your Husband
Reply November 16, 2009


Reply November 16, 2009

Ahhhh, the star makes sense now :) Love it!

Reply November 16, 2009

What a date night :) Makes for fantastic blog posts!

Sugar Jones
Reply November 16, 2009

You guys are such a great couple. What a cool way to celebrate your relationship... red high heels, chocolate cake, and a tattoo... pure awesome!

Reply November 16, 2009

The fact that your pantyhose night turned into a tatoo night makes me happier and love you more than you can ever even know.

Kelly @ Love Well
Reply November 16, 2009

I love the tattoo. Even more, I love the meaning behind the tattoo.

Very cool. You are marked.

Reply November 16, 2009

Mrs. Amber, you're cool, hands down.

A slightly belated happy anniversary to you kids...

    Reply November 16, 2009

    Some of you might not need to meet me in real life. I'm not as cool as I've made myself sound.

    It really was such a good night. Thank you for all the anniversary happy thoughts.

Muthering Heights
Reply November 16, 2009

Now that'sa memorable anniversary!

Reply November 16, 2009

So we were just wondering what was going on and your names happened to come up in our conversation during our third post-placement visit. Wondering if she, the caseworker who does the rounds in your clavical of the woods, had met you guys. She said no. Now this. Very interesting. Selam.

Aunt Pam
Reply November 17, 2009

Can't wait to see it! Hope to see you soon!! Paige & I have been wanting to go since her 16th B'day, but I just keep putting it off. (chicken!) Now she wants one for Christmas present. I might have to give in and go ahead and do it.

Boy Crazy (@claritychaos)
Reply November 17, 2009 careful! They're addicting....;) I love your choice and placement. Beautiful.

Sounds like a lovely night - so glad you two were able to pull it off.

Reply November 17, 2009

Gorgeous pictures, meaningful night all the way around. Lovely love love.

Reply November 18, 2009

LOL - it sounds like a perfect date night... Last time P and I went out together, I was so shy at being on a date with him, I didn't know what to do with myself! Red heels and a tattoo... I wonder if that would help. ;-)

Reply November 18, 2009

Amber that's funny! My boys beg to go in there!

Reply November 18, 2009

whoop whoop!
this is me dancing a jig for your star.

Reply November 19, 2009

love this so much. what a wonderful date night....and i couldn't think of a more perfect tatoo.

and the star is so much prettier than our child's country's flag would be--a red crested crane!! =)

Reply November 19, 2009

Ooooh, I love it! Such a special night and fun way to celebrate. You really are as cool as we readers think:)

Adventures In Babywearing
Reply November 19, 2009

I just love this SO much! People might be surprised to learn I have 2 tattoos! ;)


Reply November 24, 2009

Way to go. I'm waiting til I've finished having babies cause I don't want no saggy tat.

Then again .... tattoo's might not go to well on leather ..... {ponders}

Reply December 4, 2009


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