home topography


In Alabama, through pine thicket,

the corner of Tennessee, and the deep end of several driveways,

I assume my role as big sister, daughter,

where pieces of identity have other shapes.

It fits now like handled hand-me downs,

ill and  faded, the most comfortable piece I have.


Even in a different house, I wake

to same sounds and damp smells,

feeling tucked into high hollow rock.

Here, the fog is no cat, no beast but its own,

how it turns everything to ghost.


Eagle Rock is a secret

jutted over untouched and rolling lines of mountain.

Once I took my husband there.

The mountain roared.

A thousand leaves unlatched their chimes.


Have a good Thanksgiving. See you back here soon.


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Reply November 20, 2009

Oh, I do love your poetry... Have a wonderful week!

Reply November 20, 2009

I'm thankful for you. :-)
Have a sweet, restful holiday.

Aunt Pam
Reply November 20, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama.... :-)

Reply November 20, 2009

"It fits now like handled hand-me downs,

ill and faded, the most comfortable piece I have."

It's so good when it fits... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Reply November 22, 2009

Enjoying your poetry is a wonderful gift.

I hope you get to go back home for Thanksgiving, and I also hope to hear about it when you return!

Eddie Jones
Reply November 22, 2009

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Aunt Pam
Reply November 23, 2009

Oh! By the way... I love your poetry, your words that flow and a picture appears as though I am there with you.

Reply November 23, 2009

it's that last line that really punches. that "chimes" is so out of place, so other to the actual sound of leaves that it feels ridiculously perfect. i know, for quite some time, i'll be thinking of that word "chimes" when i look at the trees.

keep giving us the land!

Reply November 24, 2009

i love you.
you got a TATTOO and you write poems and then you click “Publish”
and that makes you a hero to me.
thank you.

and i still have this pretty pitcher that i borrowed from your
kitchen this summer
and it should somehow get back into
your possession soon.

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