Ian spit chocolate milk into my computer, and now it’s broken.

Previously, there wasn’t even a post here, but *UPDATE* my computer works now! Aww, I am glad, but I’m a little sad, too. I’m so weird.

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Reply November 30, 2009

Phone blogging is not awesome. I can't write a post with this thing, but I can leave a comment.

I think I'll accept this forced computer break with a great big smile on my face. It seems very right for this season.

Find us now and then at ChristmasChange.com/wordpress

Enjoy every bite on your holiday plates. Hold hands with your grandparents if they're still around. Sing a bunch. Merry Christmas Time to you.

See you when the computer comes home from the hospital.

I'm praying for us, this amazing community, that we live in Thanksgiving. It gets hard sometimes.

Boy Crazy (@claritychaos)
Reply November 30, 2009

Even your phone blogging/commenting brings tears to my eyes. Just held hands with Grandma for probably the last time on my visit home for Thanksgiving. Thanks for putting that reminder out there to the world. xo elizabeth

Reply November 30, 2009

For selfish reasons I'm glad your computer works... I look forward to your posts!
But I understand. Completely.

Adventures In Babywearing
Reply November 30, 2009

Are you sad because you were hoping for a new one? :)

So glad you're back up and running.


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