My best fun

We walked into the sharp cold of North Alabama, into the woods by the bluff to get pictures. We like to document our gratitude gatherings with photographs,

posedbut sometimes, we make these sort of faces at the camera man, when he gets goofy,

at the goofy man who is Sethand then we just walk off as if we don’t know the camera still clicks,

sisters in the woods

and then we come back showing what it really means to be goofy.


literally skipping

full effectknee slappinI love my baby sister, and no, it’s not okay for you to hate her for being so skinny after having a baby four weeks ago. Yeah, she’s the one – Incredible. Apparently, in the country, after we have babies we get out and hop around in the woods.


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Reply November 30, 2009

Love to see sister-love! I know that feeling well.

Reply November 30, 2009

You two are just adorable! And wow, she really does look phenomenal, especially for just having a baby!

Sarah Markley
Reply November 30, 2009

Beautiful. And the light - oh, so pretty. =)

Reply December 1, 2009

SISTERS!!! ♥♥♥

Reply December 1, 2009

Okay, I absolutely adore your hair! I also adore your sister and how beautiful you both are.

I hope I bounce back that quick when I have my baby!

Reply December 2, 2009

So fun - and I am absolutely LOVING your hair! SO cute! I'm bookmarking this post for a photo of my next cut!

To Think Is To Create
Reply December 3, 2009

I miss my sister madly back in Chicago, love this post reminding me of sister love (even the non-blood related kind).

So adore seeing your lovely face too!


Reply December 7, 2009

so wonderful.

the joy and love radiates from both your faces!
I love your haircut and the background for those pics is simply stunning but, the subjects.. even more beautiful.

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