Have I told you how we would love for you to join us for Christmas?

After my husband went to Africa, he couldn’t see anything, not even Christmas, without remembering the need and how much he loved the people there. Seeing the need and experiencing the love for our friends there made it easy for us to forgo giving each other Christmas gifts so we could send the money where it was needed. Instead we decided to create Christmas for each other.

Seth asked the blog world to help with my gift, and last year on Christmas morning I opened the Mother Letter Project, over 600 letters of encouragement to a struggling Mama. It changed our lives to see such outpouring.

…continue reading at (in)courage.me

While you’re there, poke around. The recent posts hit at the heart of what we want to encourage here.

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Adventures In Babywearing
Reply December 2, 2009

I just came across my Mother letter emails the other day. So glad to know you on this side.


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